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Emmanuel Macron, France's recently elected President, is the founder and leader of the independent party called En Marche! (Onwards). He won 66.1 per cent votes against his far-right political opponent, the National Front leader, Marine Le Pen. En Marche, a party still in its infancy (a year old), was formed in April 2016. This is the first time Macron, a centrist maverick, has won an elected office. Macron, who was once an investment banker, began his political career at outgoing

President Francois Hollande's Socialist Party (PS). In 2012, he became the deputy secretary-general under Hollande's government, and was later appointed as the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in 2014.

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French environment minister quits over high spending allegations

In a posting on his Facebook page, Francois de Rugy said he had handed his resignation to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe because the "effort required to fight the accusations" was undermining his ability to do his job.

In a world first, Facebook to give data on hate speech suspects to French courts

Facebook had refrained from handing over identification data of people suspected of hate speech because it was not compelled to do so under US-French legal conventions and because it was worried countries without an independent judiciary could abuse it.


Protests abating, Macron sends PM to map out an exit from reform 'death valley'

In a speech to parliament, Macron's prime minister, Edouard Philippe, is expected to give more details on changes to the pension system and unemployment benefits in particular.

Oak tree planted by Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron dies

The young oak bore historic significance as it was sprouted at a World War I site in France, the Battle of Belleau Wood, that became part of US Marine Corps lore.

France, Germany spar over European Union leadership

Besides commission president, other big roles that need to be filled later this year include the head of the European Parliament and the European Central Bank (ECB), the bloc's foreign policy chief and the head of the European Council.

French President Macron congratulates PM Modi on poll win, vows to work together on security

"We will continue to work together to consolidate the security of our nations, secure stability in the world, and promote sustainable development as well as exchanges between our youth," a statement read.


France seeks Libya ceasefire as migrant centre comes under attack

France has in the past been supportive of eastern Libyan forces commander Khalifa Haftar, who launched an assault on Serraj's Tripoli base in early April under the banner of combatting terrorism and restoring order.

France's Macron offers tax cuts as part of moves to quell 'yellow vest' unrest

Almost two years into his five-year term, Macron is under pressure to quell nearly months of "yellow vest" protests that have brought weekly havoc to the nation.

In aftermath of Notre-Dame fire, Emmanuel Macron urges unity in fragmented nation

Emmanuel Macron, who has faced a virtual uprising against his pro-business government, sought to rally a country still devastated by the fire and turn the profound, yet undoubtedly fleeting, moment of national mourning and unity to his advantage.

Fire guts Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, President Macron pledges to rebuild

Around 500 firefighters battled the blaze for nearly five hours. “The worst has been avoided even though the battle is not completely won,” President Emmanuel Macron said

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The varied faces of France's yellow vest movement

These are the faces of France's yellow vest movement, an array of people with grievances so varied that sometimes it's hard to see what they have in common other than the fluorescent vests glowing from their chests.

France braces for trouble, Macron to address 'yellow vest' anger

Named after the fluorescent safety vests that all French motorists must carry, the protesters are billing their planned action on Saturday as “Act IV” of worst unrest seen in the capital since the 1968 student riots.


Macron in India: 'Will work together to fight terrorism,' says French President

French President Emmanuel Macron receives ceremonial reception at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Saturday. The French premier is on a week-long visit to the country.