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A two-way street

India and France have equal stakes in building a strong partnership on bilateral, regional and global issues.

France President Emmanuel Macron vows to protect women from abusive partners

In a Facebook post Saturday, Macron listed the names of more than 50 women killed as a result of domestic violence, saying "the nation couldn't manage to protect you."


Macron 2.0: French president seeks reset button with national debate

The debate will focus on four themes -- taxes, green energy, institutional reform and citizenship. Discussions will be held on the internet and in town halls over a period of two months.

France protests: Left-wing protestors say 'enough' to President Macron's reforms

Saturday's demonstration, under a large police presence, comes almost a year to the day since 40-year-old Macron won the presidential race on a centrist platform and with a pledge to shake-up rigid institutions and revitalise the economy.

French President Macron says Aussie PM's wife 'delicious,' sparking reaction

The comment quickly sparked some lighthearted reaction on social media and in the Australian press amid lively conjecture about the French leader's intent.

US, France face differences on Iran, trade, as Emmanuel Macron visits White House

Emmanuel Macron said last week that he believed he had persuaded Trump to keep US troops in Syria, but Trump has been insistent on bringing them home, although he has not publicly provided a definite timetable.


India, France reaffirm commitment to bolster ties: Full text of joint statement

The Rafale jet deal confidentiality agreement which was signed in 2008 for a period of 10 years lapses this year and could be expanded for another 10 years.

Emmanuel Macron government takes on union bastion in French rail reform

PM Edouard Philippe said fuller details of reforms would be set out in March and that the government was ready to push them through by decree, avoiding a vote in parliament, where it has a comfortable majority, if there were attempts to block them.

France will strike if proven chemical bombs used in Syria, says President Emmanuel Macron

In a telephone call with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last Friday, Emmanuel Macron expressed his concern at signs that chlorine bombs had been used against civilians recently.

Macron suggests no EU membership, Erdogan says Turkey sick of waiting

Emmanuel said political developments in Turkey were blocking the country's EU accession bid, suggesting a "partnership" instead of a full membership.