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Wednesday, January 19, 2022



Elephants frolic in snow in Moscow zoo

December 28, 2021 9:37 am

The adorable video that shows elephants frolicking in snow will melt even the coldest heart.

Death in Chhattisgarh village reshapes living with 43 elephants and crop losses

December 25, 2021 7:10 am

🔴 Chhattisgarh is among the states worst-hit by human-elephant conflict in the country, with more than 10 of its 28 districts affected.

Adorable video of an elephant pretending to eat a woman’s hat has internet laughing out loud

December 18, 2021 10:13 am

The gentle giant returned the hat soon after hiding it in its mouth

Karnataka: Survey of land for elephant corridor in Anekal delayed further, officials cite rain

November 25, 2021 6:18 pm

🔴 The survey was initially supposed to get over by the first week of September. Anekal tehsildar Dinesh P said that monsoon rain delayed the survey and the tribals are yet to be rehabilitated.

Separated from herd in May, elephant kills 16 in 6 Jharkhand districts

June 27, 2021 7:55 am

From Tundi in Dhanbad, the pachyderm travelled to Jamtara, Deoghar, Dumka, Pakur and Sahibganj and returned to Tundi through the same route and killed 16 people, according to forest officials.

China's wandering elephants becoming international stars

June 08, 2021 5:55 pm

China's wandering elephants are now becoming international stars with global media chronicling their trek with videos of their antics being shared widely on Twitter and YouTube.

Assam elephant deaths: Post-mortem report confirms ‘accidental electrocution by lightning’

June 03, 2021 9:45 pm

The investigating team also ruled out the role of any infectious pathological agent or toxin or poison in the deaths.

When lightning struck an elephant herd

May 19, 2021 5:22 pm

Death of 18 elephants in Assam points to the perils of exploitation of forests

Thailand's 'Elephant in the Zoom' initiative will let you interact with animals virtually

November 24, 2020 11:34 am

Participants can also take part in the signature Walking With Giants experience

World Elephant Day: Over 200 elephants in India kept in severely inadequate conditions, says report

August 12, 2020 1:20 pm

The findings are part of a comprehensive report of elephant tourism trends across Asia, released today on World Elephant Day


Classical piano soothes sick elephants at Thai sanctuary

December 14, 2018 12:14 pm

Several times a week, British classical pianist Paul Barton, 57, sets up a piano against a backdrop of forested slopes and plays for his four-legged friends.

Jumbo leap: India opens first hospital for elephants

November 20, 2018 7:05 am

At India’s first hospital for elephants, opened last week in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura, 49-year old Asha placed her left foreleg on a stool for a doctor to attend to an injury while visitors filmed it all on their mobile phones.


Elephant plays the harmonica at Thekkampatti Elephant Camp

June 22, 2020 6:07 pm

In this video filmed at the Thekkampatti Elephant Camp in Tamil Nadu, an elephant trainer can be seen placing a harmonica at the tip of Andaal the elephant's trunk. The harmonica sounds loudly as Andaal breathes in and out.