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Bandipur: Wild elephant charges towards selfie seeking young men, one injured

According to police, the elephant first attacked a 50-year-old villager who was grazing cattle and later chased away a youth and his four friends who tried to take a selfie.

Herpes virus infection: No 'Jumbo festival' this year at Sakrebailu Elephant Camp in Karnataka

Recently one elephant died at the camp after getting infected by the virus. As many as 24 elephants in the camp are undergoing treatment.


Karnataka govt to erect a 118 km fence along forest boundaries to avoid man-elephant conflict

The state Cabinet meeting held on Thursday approved the project and sanctioned Rs 100 crore in the first phase to fence 118 km of forest land.

Elderly skeletal elephant dies in Sri Lanka, weeks after social media outrage

The 70-year-old elephant named Tikiri was being forced to take part in an annual Buddhist pageant in Sri Lanka, where she was covered in a colourful costume so as to hide her malnourished body from the people watching her in the parade.

Sri Lankan elephant whose photos went viral 'collapses', minister orders investigation

A Thailand-based organisation released the latest photo of the elephant named Tikri in which she was lying on her side. A Sri Lankan minister has said that he had ordered a probe into the elephant's condition.

Move to transport Assam elephants to Gujarat suspended

The fresh order has come a day after an expert veterinary committee said that there was "every possibility of a heatstroke" the elephants could suffer, in case the transport was permitted


After keeping Guwahati on edge for almost a day, Maharaj is back in the forest

Despite the hullabaloo, the elephant did not react or harm anyone. After an 18-hour-long rescue operation, it is now back in Amchang Wildlife sanctuary, with the forest authorities monitoring it for the next 48 hours.

Meet Binod ‘Dulu’ Borah — Assam’s 24X7 helpline for animals in distress

His life’s calling came when he was seven — and sound asleep. Thirty years and 2,500 rescues later, Binod ‘Dulu’ Borah and his trusted motorbike serve as a 24X7 helpline for animals in distress.

Elephant Parade arrives in Mumbai, to raise awareness on conservation

Comprising 101 sculptures of elephants, each designed by an artist, designer or a prominent personality, the Elephant Parade will be on display in the city for three weeks. 

Mumbai: Elephant dies at owner’s home

After the elephant was reported dead around 7.30 in the morning, the forest department lifted the animal with a crane and put her in a tempo for the post-mortem.

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Elephant calf rescued from well

An elephant calf which accidentally fell in a well was rescued by locals and forest officials in Kerala's Ernakulam district.

Elephant plays the harmonica at Thekkampatti Elephant Camp

In this video filmed at the Thekkampatti Elephant Camp in Tamil Nadu, an elephant trainer can be seen placing a harmonica at the tip of Andaal the elephant's trunk. The harmonica sounds loudly as Andaal breathes in and out.


Elephant goes on rampage during holy festival at Bhagavathi Temple in Kerala

An elephant taking part in holy festivities at the Bhagavathi Temple in Pulappatta in the south Indian state of Kerala, turned against the occasion and went on a wild rampage on Thursday. According to local reports, the elephant’s rampage lasted several hours during which it smashed and overturned an auto rickshaw, a pick-up van and […]

Elephant goes berserk, damages vehicles

Pulappata (Kerala), Feb 28 (ANI): An elephant in Pulappatta district of Kerala went berserk, damaging motorbike, auto-rickshaws. Two mahouts (elephant riders) tried to calm down the jumbo, but to little avail. The video of the incident, which took place around February 25, went viral.