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How shared electric mobility can benefit India

As private cars are utilised at a mere 5 per cent, shifting consumers’ focus from ownership to shared access of products and services can usher in a change.

Centre lowers import duty on parts of electric vehicles

The Centre lowered customs duty on import of parts and components of such vehicles to 10-15 per cent. So far, vehicle parts and components imported for assembly in India attract import duty of 15-30 per cent.


New 2D materials may enable electric vehicles to get 800km on single charge

Currently, electric vehicles average about 100 miles per charge, but with the incorporation of 2D catalysts into lithium-air batteries, they could have closer to 400 to 500 miles (804 km) per charge.

Novel battery could charge electric vehicles within 15 minutes

Batteries today cost up to 40 per cent of the total cost of electric vehicles (EV) and for the EVs to become more feasible for the end user, the cost of the battery has to come down along with a reduction in charge time.

Electric vehicle infra policy soon; individual can set up charging station for commercial use: R K Singh

EV charging infrastructure is required to boost EVs in the country. India intends to have a sizeable share of EVs in the vehicle strength by 2030, which is in line with its commitment to reduce emission intensity by one third from the level of 2005.

Blueprint in place to boost EVs, looks to take EVs to 15 per cent of vehicles in 5 years: Nitin Gadkari

Last week, the minister announced that the government had decided to exempt EVs and automobiles run on alternative fuel from permit requirements in a bid to boost such vehicles in the country.


Maruti Suzuki to start road test of 50 electric vehicles from October

Suzuki said the company has decided to launch EV in India around 2020 in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation. It will commence production of lithium-ion batteries, used in electric-vehicles, at its Gujarat plant in 2020.

Electric vehicles adoption pattern to need holistic efforts by stakeholders: EY

The expected transition towards electric mobility necessitates attention and action by several sectors and stakeholders, according to a latest EY report on the building blocks for a sustainable EV ecosystem.

A drive to clean air

Electric vehicles can reduce urban pollution significantly. India needs to offer monetary incentives and other subsidies to manufacturers.

Tata Motors sets up electric vehicle vertical

Earlier, the electric vehicle initiative of Tata Motors was being run through a project office.