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Is this how electric cars will evolve? Hear what Anand Mahindra has to say

Anand Mahindra doesn't think electric cars will impact personal car ownership.

Car of the future: Electrified and autonomous, but what will it look like?

When that motor technology is combined with autonomous vehicle advances, the car not only no longer needs the hood but also what the industry calls crash zones.


China's new smart road will be able to charge your car

A stretch of highway in China's eastern city of Jinan has the potential to transform the transport business: it is capable of charging cars.

Samsung in talks for multi-year cobalt deal from Congo

Smartphone maker Samsung is alos in touch with cobalt suppliers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as more tech companies attempt to stockpile the metal, an essential part of batteries.

Electric cars could soon be powered by small nuclear plants

In the UK, electric cars are increasingly being powered by small nuclear reactors. As the country transitions from thermal power, the electric vehicle market is strating to run more on renewable sources.

Electric, hybird cars power auto sales in Norway

Norway exempts new electric cars from almost all taxes and grants perks like free or subsidised parking, re-charging and use of toll roads, ferries and tunnels.


Electric car drivers are too smart to own vehicles

Expecting a quick evolution in battery technology, most drivers of electric vehicles lease their models, rather than take full ownership of these cars.

Electric carmakers promise 127 new models in 5 years, despite low driver enthusiasm

Despite the increased push towards manufacturing more electric car models, automakers are failing to see the low response to the available battery-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicle battery prices to steady by 2020: Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motors has said in a statement that productions of electric vehicles is set to increase, as the demand of battery components continues to increase.

Singapore launches electric car-sharing programme, offering clean transit option

Singapore is now being offered a new public transport system, as BlueSG is helping the city-state to run an electric car-sharing service.