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A normal monsoon — in election year as El Nino threat recedes

As things stand, 2018 is set to be yet another year, when the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has got its forecast right.

El Nino weather unlikely in Q3, possible in Q4, UN says

El Nino is a warming of ocean surface temperatures associated with crop damage, fires and flash floods.


2017 was the warmest year without El Nino effect, says United Nations

Seventeen of the warmest 18 years since records began in the 19th century have now happened since 2000, confirming that ever more greenhouse gases are driving up temperatures

2015-16 El Nino caused record CO2 spike: NASA

The 2015-16 El Nino cycle created large heat wave and drought-like conditions in Africa, America and Indonesia, which resulted in the largest annual CO2 concentrations in 2,000 years, say scientists

El Nino dries up the monsoon, could have impact next year too

September, the last of the four-month monsoon season, is likely to be remain dry as well, in line with the forecast made by weather scientists in May that had predicted only 87 per cent rainfall this season.

‘Godzilla’ El Nino, primary reason for poor rainfall, has finally ended after 2 years

This current spell of El Nino was one of the longest and strongest ever, thus earning the name ‘Godzilla’.


El Nino dries up Asia as its stormy sister La Nina looms

Much of Asia has been punished by a bone-dry heat wave marked by record-high temperatures, threatening the livelihoods of countless millions.

Dry planet: In every continent, flashing red

The Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS) map shows large patches of dry areas in every continent, indicating droughts of varying severity.

Climate and agriculture: Will the rain gods finally smile on Bharat in 2016?

Right now, it’s still early days; but latest global climate models hold out hopes of a normal — even if slightly delayed — southwest monsoon.