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A Nawab Sahib’s festival hunt and a deer feast in Delhi

Faiyaz Khan was fond of shikar and, besides the sacrifice of half a dozen sheep and goats, he also extended the second Id ritual by qurbani of the deer, nilgai and chinkara he shot in the jungles of Bah and Pinhat in the 1930s.

Kerala: Flood hit Nilambur, 'misses' it's date with Eid but sends out a message of resilience

'When so many people are dead and many still missing, there's no point in celebrating Eid, ' said Abdul Karim, who drives an autorickshaw in the town.


Taliban reject Afghan ceasefire, kidnap nearly 200 bus passengers

"Our leadership feels that they'll (US forces) prolong their stay in Afghanistan if we announced a ceasefire now," a senior Taliban commander, who declined to be identified, said by telephone.

Hajj 2018: Saudi Arabia warns possible floods in Mecca

Al Arabiya's images and videos on social media showed the Kaaba's Kiswa, an embroidered cloth that wraps around Islam's most sacred site, being moved out of place due to the high winds in Mecca on Sunday evening.

Prayers galore,brotherhood and piety mark Eid celebrations across India

Stray incidents in J&K were the only dark spots on an otherwise bright day.

Bomb attacks possible at three Nigeria hotels: US

A radical Muslim sect reponsible for attacks that left more than 100 people dead