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'Eggcellent': The most liked egg in the world has got a makeover and that's going viral

Russian makeup artist Sonya Miro accentuated the egg's feature with perfect contouring, big eye-lashes and glittery red lips -- and Netizens can't have enough of it.

World Egg Day: Recipes from around the world that you must try

World Egg Day: Get your kids to eat eggs by making these delicious dishes.


Diet diary: The rise, fall and rise of eggs

Studies show that evaluating eggs, a nutrient-dense food, solely on its cholesterol content is a misplaced notion.

Tamil Nadu: Egg prices come down to Rs 3.10 per piece

Egg production has touched 3.25 crore eggs per day as of now.

'Genetic switch' determines germ cell's fate of becoming sperm or egg

Japanese researchers have found a genetic switch in vertebrates that determine whether germ cells become sperm or eggs.

7 years ago, Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched egg meal for children

Chouhan had launched “Project Shaktiman”, under which malnourished children were served boiled eggs and boiled potatoes among other things.


Watch video: How to quickly peel a boiled egg in a glass of water

Peeling off a boiled egg can be a messy affair. This new video simplifies the process like never before.

Eggs more nutritious than before: study

The study found that the average medium-sized egg now has nearly 25 per cent less saturated fat.

Secret of cooking the perfect boiled egg 'cracked'

Schoolgirls claims to have finally cracked secret of cooking perfect boiled egg -- it takes 6 min.

Roddick loses temper,match

Former champion and local hope goes out in Round Two; top-seed Wozniacki wins 6-0,6-0