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A beginning

Dissolution of its Karnataka unit could kickstart a wider process of accountability and restructuring within Congress


One country-one election needs rigorous debate. Opposition boycott leaves field open to dominant party to control it


Containing hate

After Christchurch, Facebook bans euphemisms for white supremacy. But the devil remains in the details.

Market meddling

New FDI rules in e-commerce reinforce old fears of policy-making being hostage to uncertainty and unpredictability.

Quick Gun CM

Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy’s outburst was unbecoming of his office. It also points to a wider disregard for due process.

A long way to go

Delhi Declaration’s mention of cross-border terror is a good beginning. But it won’t be enough to dent Pakistan’s impunity



Can monumental statuary alter history and freeze approved versions in time? It is such an embarrassingly Soviet idea.

One Rank One Pension: Hold on

One rank one pension has implications, needs careful consideration, not capitulation to threats.

Let them eat cake

There’s no sugar-coating it: this election season, some politicians could get just desserts.

Rain in Spain

The abortion debate deepens political fissures at a difficult time.