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'Vacation' movie review

'Vacation' movie review: In this case, the journey may not be worth the destination

The Law of Diminishing Humour

The first was indeed a wild night,while the second reeked of its hangover. Now comes the morning after,and the headache


Hollywood highlights

Ed Helms,the actor known for his role as Andy Bernard on The Office,or as Stu,the henpecked buddy from the hit Hangover comedies,will now be seen in Jeff

Hangover 2

A cigarette-smoking monkey wearing a frilly vest is a device that 'Hangover 2’ employs to make us laugh.

Mel Gibson signs for 'Hangover 2'

Gibson will play a Bangkok tattoist in the sequel to Hangover.

Heather Graham out of 'Hangover 2'

Hangover producers have confirmed that Graham's character has no room in the story of the sequel.