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Friday, January 24, 2020

economic slowdown


Slow and slower

January 22, 2020 9:53 am

India’s economic slowdown is largely made of domestic issues. Union budget is an opportunity to address them.

IMF lowers India growth to 4.8%, calls it a drag on world economy too

January 22, 2020 3:08 pm

For the current calendar year 2020, India saw a sharp 1.2 percentage point cut in its growth forecast to 5.8 per cent, the biggest downward revision for any emerging market, which pulled down global growth forecast.

IMF lowers global growth forecast for 2019, cites 'sharp slowdown' in India

January 22, 2020 3:08 pm

"Domestic demand has slowed more sharply than expected amid stress in the non-bank financial sector and a decline in credit growth," India-born IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath said.

The Urdu Press: JNU violence

January 16, 2020 11:52 pm

The Urdu Times on the same day refers to “messages of hatred on Whatsapp”, which the JNU attackers allegedly received. These messages had the provocative exhortation: “If not now then when will you hit?”

India in midst of significant economic slowdown, needs urgent policy actions: IMF

December 24, 2019 1:08 pm

The IMF official said, "We still believe it is mostly cyclical, not structural... because of the financial sector issues, we think, the recovery will be not as quickly quick as we thought earlier. That's the main issue."

The cost of food

December 18, 2019 8:40 am

Return of food inflation may not allow RBI to further slash interest rates but opens up room for delayed reform

Oppn during UPA years and SC judgments must share responsibility for current economic mess

December 12, 2019 9:52 am

Government must recognise that fear and enterprise don’t go together. Keep the ED and the CBI at bay and ensure that income tax authorities act within the law. Enterprise alone can help fuel our economy. Otherwise the Ides of March are not far away.

A new low

November 30, 2019 12:19 am

Growth below 5 per cent indicates slowdown has intensified, calls attention to structural issues, better execution of remedies.

India heading for economic growth below 5%: Analysts

November 20, 2019 11:15 am

Growth of 4.2% would be the lowest since authorities adopted a new base year for gross domestic product data in 2012. The economy expanded 5% in the three months through June.

Express ADDA Highlights: Our concerns were not met, says FM Sitharaman on RCEP

November 05, 2019 9:36 pm

At Express Adda today, Sitharaman spoke on the series of growth measures announced by the government over the last three months and the impact on the growth of the country.