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Economic Advisory Council identifies 10 key areas, to focus on critical policy interventions

Economic Advisory Council meeting: NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy said the council will again meet in November to discuss "critical issues", with next year's budget in mind.

Economic Advisory Council meeting underway; jobs, accelerating economic growth on agenda

Sources told The Indian Express that the EAC is likely to identify sectors in the economy that need effective policy intervention advice.


Worse than you thought: Revised growth figures for ’12-’13 under 5%

High inflation coupled with the economic slowdown also led to a decrease in the rates of growth of gross domestics savings and of gross capital formation.

‘More effort needed to reduce govt subsidies’

C Rangarajan said he was sure it would be maintained at 4.8 per cent of the GDP.

‘Highway projects worth over Rs1 lakh cr to move soon’

The premium,is offered by companies during the bidding stage,is based on projected returns from tolls.

Briefly Business: Rangarajan differs with RBI on inflation numbers

C Rangarajan said WPI and CPI may not be as high as being projected by central bank.


‘Onion price high on supply-side issues’

There can always be a temporary increase in inflation,said Rangarajan.

‘IMF,WB unduly pessimistic; growth to exceed 5%’

C Rangarajan said agriculture will do extremely well.

RBI policy to hinge on Rupee,inflation: Rangarajan

However,Rangarajan dismissed any further impact of tapering of the quantitative easing by the US Fed.

Govt brings more items under duty drawback

The revised All Industry Rates of duty drawback,which have been notified,will come into effect from September 21,a finance ministry statement said.