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WATCH | Bengaluru lawyer turns car into 'mini garden' to drive home importance of greenery

The 15-square-feet garden, which cost the advocate around Rs 3500 for the initial set-up, zips through Bengaluru carrying a 'green food for thought' for many.

World Bamboo Day 2019: Toys to plates, eco-friendly bamboo products for your kids

World Bamboo Day 2019: "Bamboo is naturally regenerative, anti-microbial and 100 per cent biodegradable. Bamboo fibre is more breathable than cotton and perfect for a baby's sensitive skin."


This green book inspires kids ‘to explore their inner world’, says author

"Friendship, like most relationships, requires learning and understanding. If as children, we know of the qualities that make a good friend, we will develop the right discernment and know how to nurture these qualities in ourselves."

Getting married? Do your bit in saving the environment by using eco-friendly decor items

Getting married? Tips and tricks to have a complete environment-friendly wedding. Make use of digital invites instead of paper ones, gift potted saplings to guests and use recycled paper for decor.

Ways to have eco-friendly holiday

Pick hotels with sustainability initiatives which includes the installation of energy efficient lights, occupancy sensors, faucet aerators, low flow fixtures such as showerheads and rain water capture systems.

Planning to revamp your house? Say yes to eco-friendly flooring

Opting for eco-friendly flooring may help improve the health of your family and it also makes sure that you are not depleting natural resources.


Blue logos seen as 'greener' than green ones

The study found that shoppers consider retailers using blue or green in their logos to be more eco-friendly than retailers using red.

Now an algae-based shampoo on the anvil

Japanese household goods maker Kao Corp. may soon be using algae to produce cleansing agents for its products, specifically shampoo.

Six cost efficient ways to make your house eco-friendly

Solar panels and temperature-regulating walls aren't the only ways to make your house more eco-friendly.

MANS campaign in schools against firecrackers help save Rs 17 crore

Campaign was also supported by big names like Sachin Tendulkar,social worker Prakash Amte.