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E-cigarette ban prevents a disease from becoming life-threatening

The country is struggling to control multiple addictions — tobacco, pan masala, alcohol, cannabis — among the youth. The government’s decision to ban e-cigarettes is the way forward towards an addiction-free society.

E-cigarettes banned so they don’t destroy our young: PM Modi

“The e-cigarette has been banned so that this new form of intoxication does not destroy our demographically young country,” he said.


Keep calm and vape on: UK embraces e-cigarettes, US cautious

A leading British anti-tobacco charity, Ash, even called for e-cigarettes to be licensed as medicines and provided free to smokers trying to quit by Britain's government-funded health system.

Marijuana vape sales lag as lung illnesses rise in US

The ailment has sickened at least 805 people and killed 13.

Smoking is a choice. It doesn’t need government intervention

In an ideal world, none of us would indulge in self-defeating habits that we know, intellectually, are hastening our demise.

India, South Korea latest to take steps on e-cigarettes; other countries which don't think vaping is cool

The Indian ban, which also covers the production, import and advertising of e-cigarettes, cuts off a huge future market from e-cigarette makers at a time when the number of people smoking worldwide is declining.


E-cigarette ban: WHO lauds India's move, says 'definitive' step to protect public health

On September 18, the Indian government approved an ordinance that prohibits the production, import, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes, and proposes a jail term for violating the provisions.

Eighth death in illness tied to e-cigarettes in US

During a news briefing, Dr Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, said officials expect more deaths because some people are suffering from severe lung illnesses.


Ban on e-cigarettes smacks of hypocrisy and an arbitrary exercise of executive authority

Godfrey Phillips, ITC fall up to 3 per cent after rallying in previous trade

Shares of Godfrey Phillips India fell 2.81 per cent and ITC 1.19 per cent at the close of trade on the BSE.