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Stressed during exams? Junk food may be to blame: Study

The researchers investigated the relationship between exam stress and change in dietary quality, and whether these associations were modified by psychosocial factors such as eating behaviour, food choice motive, taste preference, impulsivity, coping strategies, sedentary behaviour, and social support.

Want to stay fit? Follow these simple tips

Sonia Narang, a nutritionist speaks about how not getting distracted while eating and having protein for breakfast could help you stay fit.


Case against firm as man ‘denied flat over eating habits’

Builder did not want to sell flats in Celestial Heights to Maharashtrians as they eat meat, fish, says FIR

While eating, listen to your stomach, not your eyes

Most of us would decline if offered food right after a meal. Yet if something tempting is brought in, we would reach out for it.

Not only what you eat, when you eat also impacts heart

A team of Indian-American researchers has found that not just what you eat but when you do so is equally important in order to protect your heart from early ageing.

Obsessed with takeaway orders? Think twice

Ordering a takeaway is an appealing option. But it may affect our teeth. So, think before you eat.


Does your spouse have diabetes? You may be at risk too

Those that used direct blood testing suggested that diabetes risk doubles if your partner has diabetes.

Diabetes hits young women due to sedentary lifestyle: Study

Diabetes risk levels have been observed to be high among men and women of age 45-50 years.

Want to look slim? Blame your genes

Researchers assessed more than 300 identical and non-identical female twins.

Doctors blame Punjabi diet for heart disease rise

Fifty-year-old Sandeep Arora,is a businessman who had to get an angioplasty done five years ago.