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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Eat healthy


Make crunchy Caesar salad tonight with this easy recipe

July 19, 2021 6:07 pm

"Here is my best ever Caesar salad recipe that tastes as good (actually better) than most restaurants! Must try for all salad loversss!" chef Kirti Bhoutika captioned her post on Instagram

Like restaurant-style dahi chutney? We've got you covered with this awesome recipe

July 13, 2021 12:41 pm

The chutney can be savoured with papad, tikka, paratha, as you like!

Have you tried egg coffee? Chef shares easy recipe

July 09, 2021 9:10 pm

This is a traditional Vietnamese drink made by adding egg yolks to dark roasted coffee.

Enjoy the goodness of millet porridge with this nutritious recipe

June 25, 2021 3:49 pm

"This could totally pass off as a yummy kheer also," said chef Anahita Dhondy

This Sunday, enjoy healthy Sindhi Koki with your family (recipe inside)

June 27, 2021 6:22 pm

Enjoy the fresh aroma of crispy Sindhi Koki dunked in thick homemade dahi and a crunch of homemade Sindhi papad

Nutritionist busts protein myths; shares healthy 'protein pizza' recipe

June 24, 2021 1:18 pm

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija took to Instagram to bust some protein myths, and share a healthy recipe for making pizza

Guilt-free indulgence: Enjoy this delicious cheesecake today

June 23, 2021 4:52 pm

Yasmin Karachiwala's version of the otherwise high-calorie cake is rich in fibre, protein and micronutrients

Craving something savoury? Try moong dal waffle today

June 22, 2021 11:31 am

"We all love waffles filled with chocolate but try out this savory and healthy moong dal waffle and you are gonna make it your regular tea time snack for sure," said chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Father's Day recipe: A tribute to my first cooking teacher

June 20, 2021 3:32 pm

Here is a simple recipe which you can enjoy with your loved ones: millet roti from soaked millet

Healthy eating: Try watermelon rind patties with the goodness of jowar and gulkand

May 30, 2021 2:44 pm

If you are in the mood for something appetizing and cooling, give this recipe a try


Healthy seeds: Why it's important to add these gems in your diet

December 02, 2019 10:54 am

From helping control blood sugar level to lowering blood pressure, seeds and nuts must be a part of a healthy diet. Here we list down some benefits for you. Check them out