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Monday, July 26, 2021

Easy Recipes


This rose fruit custard with sabudana will bring a smile to your face

July 20, 2021 10:04 pm

Chef Meghna Kamdar whipped up this easy recipe in no time -- check it out.

How about delicious Mexican burrito for brunch today?

July 15, 2021 6:10 pm

“This burrito is lip-smackingly good!” chef Sanjeev Kapoor wrote on Instagram

Enjoy baked beans quesadillas with your family today (recipe inside)

July 14, 2021 3:22 pm

"Not all the fancy dishes are complicated. This, one for example, is the easiest one," said chef Meghna Kamdar

Enjoy the goodness of millet porridge with this nutritious recipe

June 25, 2021 3:49 pm

"This could totally pass off as a yummy kheer also," said chef Anahita Dhondy

This Sunday, enjoy healthy Sindhi Koki with your family (recipe inside)

June 27, 2021 6:22 pm

Enjoy the fresh aroma of crispy Sindhi Koki dunked in thick homemade dahi and a crunch of homemade Sindhi papad

Keep your blood pressure under control with watermelon slush (recipe inside)

June 25, 2021 1:24 pm

According to dietitian Lavleen Kaur, watermelon is rich in three blood-pressure supporting nutrients: L-citrulline, lycopene and potassium

Would you like to try mushroom cappuccino tonight?

June 23, 2021 12:24 pm

Here's a recipe for mushroom soup topped with foam and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, courtesy of chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Immunity booster: Haldi nimbu paani to 'make your system happy'

June 23, 2021 9:54 am

"If you like ginger and sharp flavours, this is a win. I drink this daily to boost my immunity," chef Saransh Goila shared

Father's Day special: This no-bake mango ice cream cake will put a smile on your dad's face

June 20, 2021 2:17 pm

Enjoying the day with your father, devouring mangoes

Tweak your omelette a little with this easy, tasty native recipe

June 19, 2021 1:15 pm

Chef Saransh Goila tries making a different type of omelette


Mahummara recipe: Would you like to try this creamy, delicious dip?

May 27, 2021 10:22 am

It tastes delicious with pita bread or even a mezze platter!

Healthy eating: A 10-step recipe for a delicious summer salad

April 27, 2021 2:28 pm

Love fruits and want to give it a quirky twist? Here is an amazing salad to make your summers come refreshingly alive by Vindhya Karwa, a culinarian and food blogger.

Tuesday treats: Enjoy delicious Aloo Tikki Makhani sizzler today

March 23, 2021 10:12 am

Chef Sanjyot Keer’s sizzler recipe will bring a smile to your face

Enjoy pasta salad with this quick recipe

March 01, 2021 5:55 pm

Chef Renu Dalal has a lip-smacking snack recipe for you; check it out here