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A radioactive doll, two blasts, East India Company, and Abdul Kalam: the story of a con

How three friends from Pune got taken in by a “Rs 7,000-crore”, “biggest deal of India”, convinced about it “for the sake of India”, and what has followed — seven FIRs, for cases ranging from Jaipur, Indore and Bhopal to Kolkata and Hyderabad; 24 arrests; and freezing of over a 100 bank accounts

The tale of the other East India Companies

When we say East India Company, we don't think of the French East India Company or the Portuguese East India Company, or the Dutch East India Company. We certainly don't think of Nordic people like the Danes and Swedes having trading outposts in India.


Rare photos, lesser known facts about India's first war of Independence on its 161st anniversary

The revolt of 1857 was not a sudden occurrence but was fed by the collective resentment against the British rule. Another important cause of the rebellion was a general dissatisfaction with the policies and administration of the East india Company.

Reading the tea leaves

Off and on, there have been suggestions that tea should be declared India’s national drink. Though that hasn’t happened, since 2011, tea has been Assam’s State Drink. Tea, in the form we know it now, is not quite an indigenous Indian drink, though some form of Camellis sinensis was indeed drunk locally.

‘Antique’ copper cylinder sends cops in a tizzy

Object with ‘danger’ mark tests negative for radiactivity; police to take ASI help to date it

Of Kings and the Countrymen

A range of works from the Mughal era, including the prestigious album of two East India Company officers depicting richness of Delhi’s ceremonial life, will go under the hammer at Bonhams, Londo. The enigma called Delhi drew several explorers back then. Travelling across waters to witness life in the Mughal Capital, they were intrigued by […]


The black hole

When a well in Ajnala, a town in Punjab, was dug up, it brought alive a long-known legend — that this is where 282 Indian soldiers who rebelled against the British during the 1857 uprising were buried.

‘Cameron had links with East India Company’

The documents show that Cameron’s great great great great grandfather was John Talbot Shakespear, a senior bureaucrat with the East India Company.

From the discomfort Zone: Colonial supremacy

British colonisation actually spread bacteria that infected everybody in our country to unwittingly become slaves to a culture alien to us.

Trippin’ on Happiness

After two days of non-stop,pulsating music at NH7,the audience was high on energy on the last day