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US and Russia blame each other for near collision in East China Sea

Russia's Pacific Fleet said that the USS Chancellorsville, a guided-missile cruiser, had come within just 50 metres (165 feet) of the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov which had been forced to take emergency action to avoid a collision.

Japan's defence chief criticises China over submarine near disputed islands

"Operating a submerged submarine close to another country's territory goes against the norms of international rules," Minister of Defence Itsunori Onodera told reporters.


Chinese ships sail near disputed islands with Japan

An online statement from China's State Oceanic Administration only said the four Chinese coast guard vessels were "patrolling in Chinese waters off the Diaoyu Islands."

Japan protests as Chinese navy sails near disputed East China Sea islands

Relations between Japan and China deteriorated in 2012 when Tokyo "nationalised" some of the islands.

Taiwan president visits East China Sea island in show of sovereignty

Pengjia, considered the northernmost part of Taiwan's territory, is not contested and is home to about 40 residents, a weather station and coast guard facilities.

China flares up East China Sea dispute with Japan, says has every right to drill for oil, gas

Japan released photos of Chinese offshore platforms to protest what it calls China's unilateral development of natural gas fields in the East China Sea.


Japan says Chinese ships entered disputed waters

China is also locked in territorial disputes, in the South China Sea, which Beijing claims almost entirely.

China has 'unshakable will' to protect sovereignty: Premier Li

"As long as they respect each other, there will be harmonious sound," Li said with reference to neighboring nations.

China ‘expels’ foreign military planes from airspace

The US, Japan and South Korea did not recognise the ADIZ and flew their military planes through the zone monitored by China’s Air Force.

Briefly World: China slams Abe’s air zone remarks

Over 1,300 people have been arrested across China for allegedly selling illegal drugs online.