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Friday, July 03, 2020

earth day


Here's how to celebrate Earth Day without leaving home

April 22, 2020 2:00 pm

Earth Day 2020: NASA is helping you celebrate the Earth Day 2020 today online while you stay safe at home.

'An invisible virus has acted as a leveler, proving to people that we are not above nature'

April 22, 2020 4:32 pm

Over the last 50 years millions of people that have gathered outdoors on Earth Day in protest and action to serve our planet, have now been forced to remain indoors by the Covid19 pandemic.

Explained: What is the significance of Earth Day 2020?

April 23, 2020 8:27 am

Earth Day 2020: The 50th anniversary has arrived while the world is facing the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Earth Day 2020: History, significance, theme and celebrations

April 22, 2020 11:43 am

This year, the face of celebrations has changed owing to the coronavirus. However, one can still participate in discussions and conversations by visiting

Earth Day 2020: Google marks 50th anniversary with doodle amid Covid-19

April 22, 2020 7:20 pm

Earth Day 2020 Google Doodle: The 50th anniversary is being held amid the Covid-19 pandemic, when millions of people are confined to their homes and economic activity has come to a halt across the world.

World Earth Day 2019: Sustainable, smart, and biodegradable changes you can make to your lifestyle

April 22, 2019 3:01 pm

World Earth Day: In case you too want to do your bit and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, here are a few changes you can make to contribute to a greener planet.

How to reduce use of plastic products around your child

April 23, 2019 10:35 am

Toddlers have a habit of putting every object in their mouth. If it is a plastic item, your child is likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic hardening agent used in many plastic products.

World Earth Day 2019: Meet the environmentalist behind the #SelfieWithPond campaign

April 22, 2019 3:14 pm

From Gautam Buddh Nagar's Kulipara pond and Ajampur pond to Greater Noida's Shahid Sarovar, the initiative has restored close to 10 ponds since its launch four years ago. It's next move is to cover areas in Kanpur.

World Earth Day 2019: ‘Air pollution doesn’t choose its victims’

April 23, 2019 12:01 pm

World Earth Day 2019: Our bodies are incredibly complex oranisms that have evolved over 1,00,000 years to survive and adapt to the environment and excel at it. Yet, today, air pollution is destroying these amazing mechanisms like never before.

World Earth Day 2019: Theme, history, and significance

April 22, 2019 2:18 pm

World Earth Day 2019: As the name suggests, the day is dedicated to protect the planet, and spread awareness for its conservation. This year the theme is ‘protect our species’.


Earth Hour 2016: Cities turn off lights to call for action on climate change

March 20, 2016 8:20 am

In Sydney, where the Earth Hour idea originated in 2007, many harbourside buildings fell dark as the city switched off for the tenth year in a row.

World celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2014 4:24 pm

School children, corporates among other participated in the celebration of Earth Day across the globe on April 22.