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Kate Middleton is talking about attachment parenting. What does it mean?

Kate Middleton, who has been working on early childhood development, discussed the theory of attachment parenting, which also recommends maximum skin-to-skin contact, including kangaroo care, baths and baby wearing.

Watch: How other's opinions can alter your toddler's behaviour

"Whether we're aware of it or not, we're constantly communicating values to those around us... I mean that we are constantly showing others, specifically our children, what is likeable, valuable and praiseworthy, and what is not."


Learning social and emotional skills is important in early childhood

The discussion around incorporating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools is at all-time high. Many organisations direct their resources and attention on incorporating better practices that use SEL frameworks at the centre.

How to help your baby make eye contact: 6 tips for parents

Eye contact is not just about your baby recognising you. Through the act, your baby gathers information, relates to voices and people and begins to gradually comprehend things.

Is your toddler not listening to you? That's actually healthy

The Early Years: If you really know and understand toddlers, you may even find yourself appreciating their refusals to cooperate as you see them developing their autonomy.

5 baby milestones to celebrate, if you haven't already

From breastfeeding to holding the bottle, your baby is gradually learning to eat on his or her own. And there will finally be a day when your baby would sit at the table with the rest of the family and eat.


Is it safe to kiss your baby?

Kissing a baby involves physical contact, which helps in bonding with the baby. But if it increases the risk of contracting diseases, should you at all kiss a baby?

7 activities to boost your baby's cognitive development

Show your little one colourful picture books and read out stories to them. Your baby will enjoy looking at the bright colours and shapes while reading aloud will build their listening, memory and vocabulary skills.

The Early Years: Decoding childhood epilepsy and tips on first-aid

Changing or stopping medication without consulting the doctor can cause seizures to start again or make it worse. Although most children with early childhood epilepsy become seizures free by adulthood, they are at high risk for social and educational problems.

When can you start your baby on juices? A doctor explains

The baby can start consuming fresh juices of fruits and vegetables only after six months. But, it is essential that the baby drink a very small amount of these juices as they have a high amount of sugar and salt.