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International Bath Day 2019: A guide to bathing your newborn baby

International Bath Day: The skin of the newborn baby is very soft and sensitive, which is why going for a regular bath is really not required as it may extract essential nourishment. It is advised to stick to a bath on alternate days.

Tongue-tie in babies: Signs to treatment, here's all you need to know

Dr Asmita Mahajan, consultant neonatologist and pediatrician, SL Raheja Hospital, answers all your questions on tongue-tie in babies, how it can affect them, and the way to treat it.


Game-based learning can be helpful in early childhood education

How games are designed plays a big role in learning. Well-designed and researched content which leverage technology to include elements of personalisation that account for different styles of learning and ages can go a long way in early development.

Is your child not doing well in exams despite working hard? It could be a learning disorder

It is important to speak to their child on a daily basis and build a bond of trust, faith and love. Don’t scold your child for getting less marks in exams and don’t compare one child with another.

How to get your baby to sleep better: Night routine, teething, milestones and more

Once you wean your baby off the middle-of-the-night feeds and they get used to this, you will get more sleep. However, if they don’t eat well in the day for any reason, they will be up at night (this is true well into toddlerhood).

Babies need attuned mothers to form trusting bonds, not 'experts'

Babies with secure attachments have higher chances of growing up to be socially and emotionally healthy. They carry the message that they are worthy as they are, they can trust others and the world is safe enough to explore.


Having a baby? Here are neonatal care tips for first-time parents

It is advised to never heat baby’s bottles in a microwave, since it emits radiations that can be very harmful for their health. Wash the baby’s clothes separately to avoid any kind of communication of infections.

Dan Robbins, the man who made paint by numbers popular

With paint-by-numbers kits, young baby boomers in the 1950s followed the same mechanics as those Renaissance artisans, coloring inside the outlines of images of everything from seascapes and the Matterhorn to kittens and Queen Elizabeth II.

How to help kids make the most of playdates

A playdate is about teaching children the values of sharing and caring. It is important to remind the child that it is best to remain calm as that gets better results than screaming or fighting over a toy.

7 tips to help your toddler overcome bath time fears

If your toddler is scared, do not put him or her in the tub forcefully. Acknowledge your child's fears and reassure that he or she is safe.