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Watch: Can you tell if your child is lying?

Has your toddler started lying? It just shows that your child has hit an important development milestone, which may be a cause for celebration!

6 ways to help your baby learn to walk

Your baby will be able to walk alone only when there is sufficient muscle strength. And one of the first steps to gain strength is by encouraging the baby to sit, crawl and roll back and forth.


When does a baby smile for the first time and why?

"It can start as early as in the womb, which is an involuntary smile. Parents often find their newborn smiling in his or her sleep. But that's just the twitching of the muscle and not really a smile as we understand it."

The Early Years: Making sense of your child’s tantrums

In typically developing toddlers, when autonomy and independence begin to develop, it can lead to a refusal to comply with instructions. Anxieties about changes in routine can lead to mild aggression as well.

Arts and crafts help kids develop skills in early childhood

Creative activities simultaneously activate several areas of the brain through absorbing tasks like using play-doh ‘tools’, lacing yarn through holes and other craft activities.

Teaching your preschooler to share? Be patient

Speaking to the child ahead of a play date or when the child is beginning preschool and preparing them to share their things, allows the child to know what to expect. However, it’s okay if there is a favourite toy that the child isn’t comfortable sharing.


Play these quick and easy games with your kids

A New Character in the Story to Secret Dictionary, here are four games that kids will not only enjoy playing but will also learn various skills in the process, from the art of storytelling to improving concentration and listening abilities.

Is your baby ready for solid food? Follow this checklist

Once the baby has completed six months, it is time to introduce weaning foods along with breast milk or formula-based milk. Weaning foods mean the baby’s first food, which must be home-cooked, soft, pureed or mashed and easy to digest.

Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, Mo Willems...have you tried these authors for your toddler?

Margaret Wise Brown’s Good Night Moon is a classic that has become a bedtime ritual for many because of its easy pace, the rhythm of its language and the repetitive words that help to lull a child to sleep.

Does your child love cutting and playing with scissors? Here’s how it helps

If children have significant difficulty cutting the strips, give them play dough strips to cut. Only when they have achieved the necessary scissors skills and grasp, they can move on to cutting narrow paper strips.