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6 developmental activities for babies

Once your baby is at least a few months old, you can begin to tell stories as part of the bedtime routine. Make your baby sit on your lap and keep a children's picture book in front. Point out the illustrations to your baby and allow him to touch the book or flip a page.

'Play is critical for children with intellectual disabilities'

Play and physical activity can help children with intellectual disabilities advance in their development of gross motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills.


Cake or broccoli? Most kids may choose broccoli, says study

“Since younger children possess a limited memory capacity, children could be relying on the phonological loop to remember the option following the word ‘or’. Children show a different type of response bias than adults, recency instead of primacy."

The Early Years: Here are reasons to bring home a pet

A pet is often the focus of activities that families do together. There are calming benefits from simply watching a cat chase its tail or a fish swim in a tank!

Teach your child these good personal hygiene habits from an early age

Personal hygiene for kids: There is nothing better than leading by example. Parents must set personal hygiene rules and goals for the entire family. Setting a routine is also a great way to develop good hygiene habits.

'Even mild depression in the mother can affect a child's emotional well-being'

Published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, the study analysed how depressive symptoms of both parents can affect the child between the age of two and five.


Kate Middleton is talking about attachment parenting. What does it mean?

Kate Middleton, who has been working on early childhood development, discussed the theory of attachment parenting, which also recommends maximum skin-to-skin contact, including kangaroo care, baths and baby wearing.

Watch: How other's opinions can alter your toddler's behaviour

"Whether we're aware of it or not, we're constantly communicating values to those around us... I mean that we are constantly showing others, specifically our children, what is likeable, valuable and praiseworthy, and what is not."

Learning social and emotional skills is important in early childhood

The discussion around incorporating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools is at all-time high. Many organisations direct their resources and attention on incorporating better practices that use SEL frameworks at the centre.

How to help your baby make eye contact: 6 tips for parents

Eye contact is not just about your baby recognising you. Through the act, your baby gathers information, relates to voices and people and begins to gradually comprehend things.