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Gods in the making: Meet the idol makers of Delhi's CR Park

For the next few months, these idol makers would find themselves a home in the capital, and dedicate themselves to the services of various deities.

Shobhabazar Rajbari deity has golden makeover

For a long time since Raja Nabakrishna Deb the Durga idol used to have golden colour. But, later due to financial crunch the idols get silver colour.


88-ft Durga idol to be dismantled

Sudipta Kumar, who is the brother of local councillor and MMIC Debasish Kumar, clarified that his political connection had nothing to do with getting clearance for the puja easily.

Angela Merkel returns India's stolen 10th century Durga idol to Narendra Modi

In 2012, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) received a tip-off that the idol was spotted at the Linden Museum, Stuttgart.

Durga idol gets a digital makeover this season

Jodhpur Park community puja is hosting a digitally sculpted goddess Durga and her family courtesy the application of 3D printing technology on paper.

Hand that shapes the deity

China Pal is one of the few woman idol makers in Kolkata.


Branding the Goddess

The phone buzzing at an unearthly hour a week before Durga Puja is greeted with unusual patience in a household in Kolkata.

Water Works

A 52-foot tall Durga idol looks down at you in the F D Block football ground.

For the love of making idols

Gods have their mood swings. Hindu mythology abounds with instances when human life has been irreparably affected by a certain deity’s furrowed brows.

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Idols & Idol Makers of CR Park

As Durga Puja fevers grips North India, we trace the origin of the festival in CR Park, and the men behind the beautiful idols.