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Declare drought in north Maharashtra, Marathwada: Ashok Chavan

Ashok Chavan said that farmlands there were parched despite the Jalyukt Shivar programme of the Devendra Fadnavis government.

More Afghans displaced by drought than conflict, says UN

Afghanistan, a country where nearly 20 million people rely on farming, has suffered a 45 per cent fall in agricultural output this year as the drought has bitten, officials at the ministry of agriculture have said.

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In parched Afghanistan, drought sharpens water dispute with Iran

Severe drought is also aggravating tensions with Iran over supplies from the Helmand – a decades-old dispute that has fed accusations that Tehran is helping the Taliban insurgency.

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Loss of water in California drought caused Sierra Nevada to rise: NASA

A NASA study has found that water escaping from cracks during the California drought in 2016 resulted in an increased height of peaks in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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Uttar Pradesh staring at drought: Chief Secretary

Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary directed officials to ensure all ponds are filled with water as soon as possible and that canals are not diverted.

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Chhattisgarh: 96 tehsils in 21 districts declared drought-hit

The government also stated they are sending a proposal to the Centre to increase the number of labour days from 100 to 200 per family under MGNREGA.

Uttar Pradesh, Drought, UP drought, UP government on drought, UP weather, Rajive Kumar, UP Chief Secretary, india news, indian express news

Chhattisgarh government declares 96 tehsils as ‘drought-hit’ in the state

The drought-affected farmers will be paid claims under Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme. Land revenue taxes will also be waived in the drought affected districts, added the minister.

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Monsoon Troubles: After June’s farmer fury, Madhya Pradesh stares at prospect of drought

The lack of rains is expected to impact the standing kharif crop and, moreover, could leave its imprint in the coming rabi planting season as well.

Mission Impossible: A village in Kolar, Karnataka, stricken by drought for years, waits for rain

Once, Kolar was known for a network of lakes and a bountiful, if seasonal, river. The Palar originates in Nandi Hills in Kolar and flows through Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It is now a memory in the district, its bed indistinguishable from the foliage all around.

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14 killed as soldiers clash over drought food aid in Somalia

Baidoa now hosts one of the largest populations of displaced people, with more than 142,000 recorded as of mid-May, according to the International Organization for Migration. The majority of those displaced in Baidoa are children and teens.

Can crowdfunding help build a canal? A village in parched Marathwada thinks so

Crowdfunding platforms may get a boost after they are brought under the regulatory framework to help aspiring entreprenuers raise capital

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In shadow of Afghan’s Salma Dam, scorched fields and parched earth

Ever since drought set in from 2001, things have become worse. Water levels in local wells have fallen to 75 metres or below — far too expensive to pump up for irrigation.

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Despite drought in Maharashtra, producers call it a fruitful year for exports

Access of new international markets and an early start to the season have been cited as the reasons for the increase in exports from the country at large and Maharashtra in particular.

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NCPCR recommends drought-affected states to reimburse fees in private schools

The Commission has written letters to the chief ministers of 12 drought-affected states to reimburse the fee and education entitlements such as school bags, uniforms, notebooks, under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.

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Drought years may become more frequent in India, says study

A research paper by scientists from Kerala and Pune paints a gloomy monsoon picture.