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Assam: Drones and an MLA’s expertise in 10-day quest to capture ‘killer’ elephant

On October 29 evening, Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal had held a meeting with the deputy commissioner and superintendent of police of Goalpara, and directed the Forest Department to rush a special team to “capture the rogue elephant if required”.

Punjab: Another suspected drone sighting near border

Sources said a shining object suspected to be a drone was spotted in the sky near the border checkpost.


India has over 6 lakh rogue drones; agencies analysing sky fence, drone gun tech

Recent incidents like the lethal drone attack on Saudi Arabia's largest petroleum company and arms dropping by UAVs in Punjab from across the India-Pakistan border has alerted Indian security and intelligence agencies.

Explained: Where can you fly a drone in Delhi? What permissions will you need?

DGCA has identified multiple categories of drones, which can be broadly classified as ‘Nano’ (weighing up to 250 g), ‘Micro’ (more than 250 g but less than 2 kg) and ‘Small and above’ (weighing 2 kg or more).

Next-generation farming: How drones are changing the face of British agriculture

Agricultural spaying drones are equipped with a tank and spraying system. They can then be set on a predetermined GPS-defined route and buzz over a field, dropping doses of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as they go.

Alphabet unveils app to provide air-traffic control for drones

Helping build the air-traffic system, and inducing all drone operators to participate will help Google reach its goal.


In a first, drone transports blood sample from remote healthcare centre to district hospital in Uttarakhand

Dr S S Pangty, in-charge of the Baurari district hospital, said, “The experiment was carried out under the ‘555’ telemedicine scheme in Tehri, which was initiated about two years ago. The idea to use drones for healthcare services was of the (Tehri) district magistrate.”

Google's Wing Aviation gets FAA OK for drone deliveries

It's the first time a company has gotten a federal air carrier certification for drone deliveries.

Google is getting ready to start a drone delivery service in Australia

For the past 18 months, Project Wing, an offshoot of Google's parent company Alphabet, has been doing trials for delivering food and drinks, medication and chocolate.

Flights at Dubai airport temporarily grounded over 'suspected drone activity'

Flights were suspended for over half an hour, from local time 10:13 (06:13 GMT) to 10:45.

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Are You Living In Dubai? Soon You May Be Using Flying Cars To Bypass Daily Traffic

Dubai hopes to have a passenger-carrying drone regularly buzzing through the skyline. To bypass the daily traffic problems of commuters, a flying car or Autonomous Aerial Vehicle has been showcased in Dubai to fly driver-less. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority introduced this flying car at the three-day World Government Summit held in Dubai. The arrival […]

Students in Coimbatore display self-made drones

Coimbatore, Feb 28 (ANI): The students from standard third to eight participated in an International Robotics Festival organised by robotic academy IroboChakra in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore city. They were trained into making simple robots and drones after which they created their own functional robots and displayed the same before the people. The participants made drones, Robo Arms, Power saw, Truck robo, Humanoid among others. The students also explained their creations. The winners of the competition will compete at the international level in May 2016 in the United States. robotic academy.