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Flights at Dubai airport temporarily grounded over 'suspected drone activity'

Flights were suspended for over half an hour, from local time 10:13 (06:13 GMT) to 10:45.

Newark Airport resumes normal operations after drone sightings temporarily halt traffic

Flights into Newark - the 11th busiest US airport - were briefly suspended after two drones were seen flying at 3,500 feet over nearby Teterboro Airport, a small regional airport about 17 miles away that mostly handles corporate jets and private planes.


Drone policy is live, govt starts online registrations; here is what you need to know

Under the new policy, Nano drones which weigh less than 250 grams or equal doesn't need a registration or license.

New autonomous drone fleets to aid rescue operations in forests

Each autonomous quadrotor drone is equipped with laser-range finders for position estimation, localisation, and path planning. As the drone flies around, it creates an individual 3D map of the terrain.

A peek into future: Drones to map and locate areas in disaster, monitor dams

Drones can do much more than take pictures or be used for surveillance — they can deliver medical supplies, make high-risk jobs safer, help plan disaster prevention, improve farming, and protect endangered species.

In the pipeline: Drone-based blood, medicine supply system

Trial flights begin for start-up that aims to deliver medical supplies in remote areas by next year


Robotic drones can herd birds away from airspaces

Researchers from Imperial College London in the UK and California Institute of Technology in the US investigated the problem of diverting a flock of birds away from a prescribed area, such as an airport, using a robotic unmanned aerial vehicle.

Drone regulations: how, where Indians can fly from December 1 onward

DGCA has identified multiple categories of drones, which can be broadly classified as Nano (weighing up to 250 g), Micro (more than 250 g but less than 2 kg) and Small and above (weighing 2 kg or more).

India drone policy: Here is everything you need to know

India drone policy: With the Directorate General of Central Aviation announcing India's policy on the use of drones, here's a closer look at the finer details.

Drone policy: DGCA issues norms for commercial use, effective December 1

India drone policy: The guidelines prevent drones from flying around certain restricted locations such as airports, near international border, near coast line, state secretariat complexes.

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Students in Coimbatore display self-made drones

Coimbatore, Feb 28 (ANI): The students from standard third to eight participated in an International Robotics Festival organised by robotic academy IroboChakra in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore city. They were trained into making simple robots and drones after which they created their own functional robots and displayed the same before the people. The participants made drones, Robo Arms, Power saw, Truck robo, Humanoid among others. The students also explained their creations. The winners of the competition will compete at the international level in May 2016 in the United States. robotic academy.