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Love is complicated, your Valentine's Day drink doesn’t have to be

Sugary, syrupy cocktails are never a good idea. Instead, keep it simple and classic.

The Lost Generation

Until a few months earlier, a new and cheap drug Mephedrone, commonly called meow meow was legally available and could even be ordered online.


Alcohol Anonymous

At India's first shot bar,spirits run high,both in food and drinks

Bananas 'better than sports drinks for athletes'.

Study reveals that bananas contain antioxidants not found in sports drinks and have a greater nutritional boost.

The Beer Hunt

Since it doesn’t look like the sun is cowing down anytime soon,beer could turn out to be your new best friend. There is nothing more satisfying on a hot summer afternoon than a swig of frothy chilled beer that sends you floating to lager heaven.

Malted love

Contrary to the impression that single malts have been popular globally for generations,Stephen Marshall explains that they have been appreciated only for the last 25 years. Outside Scotland,that is.


Cool quotient

Summer in India still belongs to chaas,aam panna and other Indian drinks — despite the explosion of café culture.

Ginger in Your Wine

When Nainaz Shroff,managing director of Taylor and Shroff,was planning to launch a customised range of wines for the Indian market,she found inspiration in the unlikeliest place — a roadside tea stall.

That perfect blend

To most people,coffee is simply a hot drink that helps wake you up in the morning. To Anees Shaikh and Sanjay Jogadia,it is much more than that.

Tipple Effect

How about a Mango Three Way? Before your imagination runs riot,we can safely say that you will need a tall glass,some vodka and gin,raw mango pulp or kaccha aam panna at the bottom...