Draft Data Protection Bill

Draft Data Protection Bill News

Explained: Why the world is debating data flow

Should data be allowed to flow freely or localised at source? As IT Ministry prepares to present data protection Bill in Parliament and countries argue at global forums, a look at both sides of the debate.

Data protection bill deterrent for businesses who wilfully do wrong, says Justice B Srikrishna

Data privacy is a fundamental right emanating from Article 21, as held by the Supreme Court in the Puttaswamy case, and breach of fundamental right must be viewed very seriously, Justice B Srikrishna said.


Editors Guild of India welcomes Personal Data Protection Bill 2018

The Editors Guild of India also endorsed the Srikrishna Committee’s suggestion that the Press Council of India and other media watchdogs should incorporate provisions for data privacy in their code of ethics.

Draft data protection bill: Changing who can use Aadhaar data, among key suggestions

The report recommends changing Section 8 of the Aadhaar Act, effectively excluding any private entity from using Aadhaar-based online authentications.

Draft data protection bill: Right to be forgotten comes with riders

The draft bill has extended the definition of sensitive personal data to include passwords, financial data, health data, sexual orientation, biometric data, genetic data, caste, tribe, religious or political belief, etc. It also lays down the legal grounds on the basis of which personal data can be used