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Down in Jungleland: Deadly in White Satin

Let not the beauteous egret fool you of its attacking skills. The snowy little egrets on reedy black legs and splayed yellow feet mince around ponds and waterbodies, where they display myriad fishing techniques.

Down in Jungleland: How to lose a sanctuary

What happened to the endangered great Indian bustard could happen to others too.


Colours of Joy: Nature knows how to look its best at all times

Psychedelic colours in nature nearly always look stunning on the creatures that sport them.

Blowin’ in the Wind: Plants ensure their progeny travels far and wide

They might be rooted to the spot, but plants ensure their progeny travels far and wide

Survival Woes: A tale of two owls and why one thrives

But the forest owlet is diurnal and that would not work in the city — at the best of times, owls are heckled and mobbed by other birds, which is why they hunt at night.

Duck Tales 1: About the ‘dabbler’ ducks who visit India every year at this time

In a two-part series, a ready reckoner of the ‘dabbler’ ducks who come calling every year around this time.


The sky's my playground: Watching a parakeet court his lady

The ancient Romans were so impressed by the birds’ domed foreheads — that bespoke great intellect — that they cut them off and ate them, hoping to imbibe some of the birds’ wisdom.

Elephants can remember: How we reduce the mighty beast to subservience

That elephants obey our commands — how that bloats our egos, and helps us forget the pain and distress inflicted during the “training” process, on what is essentially a peace-loving beast.

Barking up the Wrong Tree: The government’s great love for plants

It was touching to think that the government was so concerned about each and every tree and required every last iota of information about it.

Down In Jungleland: Why it’s not fine to sell seashells on the seashore

It’s not so much the shells we find washed up on the beach, it’s the commercial collection of living molluscs that are taken from the sea bed that causes the problem.