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Dove apologises for Facebook soap ad that many call racist

Social media users said there were racist implications of a soap ad that showed a black woman transforming into a white woman. Many who criticized the imagery said it suggests black skin is dirty and white skin is clean, and noted there is a historical legacy of racism in soap ads

Dove's new ad celebrating female body shapes, sizes and beauty gets slammed on social media

"But why are all of the bottles still white?", "What happens if you use the wrong Dove bottle shape for my body type? Will the soap not fit me? Can I die?" are some of the hilarious comebacks to the Dove UK advertisement.


Buzzfeed pulls post critical of its advertiser: Report

Dove's new video captures real women of San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and São Paulo considering their own beauty.

Amul is top Indian Green Brand for 2011

AMUL has been rated as the top Indian Green brand by the Global Green Brands study which researches consumers’ attitudes and perceptions towards ‘green’ issues.