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White House imposes curbs on reporters after Trump's confrontation with CNN correspondent

The White House on Monday restored the press credentials of CNN's chief White House correspondent Acosta, less than two weeks after withdrawing them over a testy exchange with President Trump during a news conference on November 7.

CNN seeks emergency court hearing after White House again vows to revoke Jim Acosta's access

Acosta's credentials were revoked after Trump denounced him as a "rude, terrible person" during a November 7 news conference.


No Easy Answers

CNN’s White House reporter is denied access to the President for asking difficult questions while a paper shows why the media must learn the elements of analytics and artificial intelligence

CNN's Wolf Blitzer fights back against Donald Trump's attack

"Despite the constant criticism of the president, we are unwavering in our mission _ free and independent, as the press should be," CNN's anchor Wolf Blitzer said.

Anderson Cooper uses Trump's own statements to hold a mirror against him

On Thursday, Trump launched a verbal attack on twitter against MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, deriding the latter's physical appearance in a loaded sexist remark. CNN's Anderson Cooper pulled out Trump's quotes in response.

These tweets show Donald Trump's contempt for media has not waned

Trump, who is known for his wish-washy and flippant stance on several issues has constantly berated the media.