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Dogs evolved 'puppy eyes' to better communicate with humans: Study

The study suggests that the inner eyebrow raising movement triggers a nurturing response in humans because it makes the dogs' eyes appear larger, more infant like and also resembles a movement humans produce when they are sad.

Travel Tails: Meet the duo who travelled across 20 Indian states with their furry babies

The journey took over a year to plan, but the goal was simple: experience the diversity of the country and live a fulfilling life on the road.


Dogs may accurately sniff out cancer in blood, says study

Dogs have smell receptors 10,000 times more accurate than humans', making them highly sensitive to odours we can't perceive, said researchers who presented the study at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting in Florida, US.

Simple ways to keep pets warm in winter

Little pups have less body mass to generate natural heat, too, and often benefit from a doggy sweater especially when they must do outdoor bathroom duty, says experts.

Planning to hang out with your pet? Here are some pet friendly eateries in India

We have put together a list of some pet-friendly eateries across India - you can check if your city has found a place on the list.

Humans may help boost dogs' problem-solving ability

A recent study has found that human involvement helps dogs solve complex problems better. Human behaviour along with one's interaction with their dog may influence the animal during a problem-solving task.


Dogs maul 12-yr-old girl to death in Sitapur, toll reaches 13

District Magistrate Sheetal Verma had earlier told The Indian Express that 22 villages were under threat from dog attacks. The district administration was also asked to make these villages open defecation-free.

Amidst rising dog smuggling cases in the Northeast, a vegan plea

As a response to the incident on May 3 where a truck carrying more than 60 dogs was intercepted in Assam, PETA India puts up a pro-vegan billboard in the heart of Guwahati.

The family tree of dogs

In the largest data set yet on DNA of dogs, clues about how various modern breeds came about, when and where human beings crossed different breeds, and why

Delhi Police Dog Squad to get 30 new members

The year-old dogs, each costing close to Rs 2 lakh, will be trained at the squad’s headquarters in Model Town, added the sources.

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Dogs Take Over Delhi Streets

On August 5, six-year-old Mamoon went to play with his friends in the dense bushes behind Noor Nagar in Jamia. Given the lack of space, the garbage pile among the bushes was like a safe haven for the children. Sitting on a bed without a mattress, his mother recalled how out of five children, only […]