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Are you a dog person? Your genes might have something to do with it

The same report states that genetics is the reason for 57 per cent of dog ownership among women and 51 per cent in men.

Pets and peeves

Bengaluru municipality’s new pet licensing laws are beset by the familiar failing of public policy — confusion and multiplicity of objectives


Touchscreen games may boost brain skills of old pooches

Simple mental tasks on the computer, combined with a reward system, can replace physically demanding training and still keep the animals mentally fit even in old age, says a study.

Keep chocolates away from dogs as Christmas season sets in

Love to stock your home with chocolate cookies for Christmas? Keep your canine friends away from chocolate as it can be poisonous to them, researchers have warned.

VIDEO: Suffering from workout blues? This police dog will give you the much-needed motivation

This video of Nitro, the police dog, doing push ups with fellow police officers has gone viral online, with many wondering if such pet motivation is what they need for their exercise regimens.

Weight loss programmes for dogs may boost their health

Obesity is not only harmful to humans but also for dogs, hence enrolling man's best friend for weight loss programmes could mean increasing their health benefits, a study has shown.


Dogs' social skills may be linked to oxytocin sensitivity

Animal lovers mat related to this. A study has come out with reasons why dogs are so amazingly in sync with their owners. These results help us understand how dogs have changed during the process of domestication.

Dog lovers hold garage sale to raise funds to treat strays

WSD is an organisation working to eradicate rabies and also control street dog population in a scientific manner.

Cesar To The Rescue / Canine issues

The show Cesar To The Rescue connects audiences to the emotional side of the issue, where families want to keep a dog but are helpless. The show helps audience relate to the issues, even if they’re not dog lovers or owners.

Vets advise pet owners to be wary of monsoon

Wet fur and muddy paws — the perennial source of frustration for dog lovers can actually be harmful to pets with doctors pointing out that they are the main cause of infections and diseases in the canines.

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Paw-lickin' good: Now, dogs get their own food truck

Seattle Barkery, a food truck specializing in treats for dogs, rolled into operation 10 months ago, serving dogs at Seattle-area dog parks, office building parking lots, farmer’s markets and private events.