DNA News

New DNA-like molecule to aid search for alien life

The findings published in the journal Science, suggests there could be an alternative to DNA-based life, as scientists have synthesised a molecular system that, like DNA, can store and transmit information.

China uses DNA to track its people and the US is helping

US lawmakers and officials are taking a hard look at the situation in Xinjiang. The Trump administration is considering sanctions against Chinese officials and companies over China’s treatment of the Uighurs.


Nod to DNA Technology Regulation Bill

The Bill provides for establishment of a national DNA data bank and regional DNA data banks.

World still isn't ready for gene-edited babies, claim scientists

The scientists gathered in Hong Kong this week for an international conference on gene editing, the ability to rewrite the code of life to try to correct or prevent diseases.

In open letter, scientists in China say baby gene editing 'crazy'

China's National Health Commission said on Monday it was "highly concerned" and had ordered provincial health officials "to immediately investigate and clarify the matter".

World's first genetically edited babies created in China

A Chinese researcher claims that he helped make the world's first genetically edited babies — twin girls born this month whose DNA he said he altered with a powerful new tool capable of rewriting the very blueprint of life.


Ashapura Intimates Fashion chairman missing: DNA of unidentified body doesn’t match that of kin

Days after the chairman of Ashapura Intimates Fashion Limited Harhsad Thakkar went missing after leaving a note apologising to his investors regarding suffering financial losses, a body was found at Marine Drive, leading to suspicion that it could be that of Thakkar.

Here's how the government plans to use DNA profiles, samples and records

After a series of attempts to legislate DNA technology, a Bill on the subject has been cleared by the Cabinet. Whose DNA does the Bill propose to use, and how? How will it address privacy concerns?

Space travel causes long-term change to DNA: NASA

A NASA study shows that space travel can cause changes in DNA.

Cancer-fighting nanorobots can seek, destroy tumours

Researchers have created nanobots that are able to shrink tumour cells, an approach that could help as cancer therapy.