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MHA plans to link fingerprint, face recognition data from all police stations to central system

The first phase of CCTNS is nearing completion, with 14,500 of 15,500 police stations across the country being connected. Only Bihar, for various administrative reasons, is lagging behind, with close to 850 police stations yet to be linked to CCTNS.

Lalji Singh (1947-2017): The pioneer of DNA evidence

Lalji Singh made a seminal contribution to the disciplines of genetics, forensics, conservation and law.


CBI to seek DNA test of Badaun victims’ clothes

The CBI will now be sending their personal belongings and vaginal swabs for DNA analysis at a laboratory in Hyderabad.

DNA finger printing to be used for Tiger census

Centre for Wildlife Studies is looking at identifying the individual tigers based on their unique coat pattern and DNA fingerprinting from scats (faeces).