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How parents' divorce can be unsettling for kids

The emotional turmoil that children face when their parents are divorced often results in helplessness, anger, confusion, sadness, guilt and self-blame. While some children engage in self-blame, others might turn that lens outwards and blame one parent.

UK plans to introduce 'no-fault' divorce for first time

Until now, couples have had to prove misconduct such as adultery by one partner or live apart for a fixed period before they could divorce.


Mumbai: Divorced woman moves HC to drop husband’s name from diploma certificate

The woman said while the medical council has changed her name in the online records and also promised to issue a duplicate certificate with her maiden name, the institute has rejected her request to change the name on her diploma certificate.

Is your ex-spouse skipping child maintenance payments? Here's what you should know

"Maintenance can be claimed till the child is dependent on the parents, that is, till the time he or she is studying and is not qualified to earn, as long as you present the required proof of the situation before the court," lawyer Rahul Aggarwal told Express Parenting.

Punjab & Haryana HC refuses to grant divorce to Karnal couple separated for 14 years

The husband, who is a physician, had applied for divorce in August 2006 on the grounds that insufficient food had given to baratis at the marriage, she had refused to take cold drink during interval of a movie ‘Main Hoon Na'.

On the Loose: Round Two

"I have often noticed that people in second marriages are more considerate, and consciously steer clear of repeating old mistakes. However, I am of the opinion that marital history, at least with the same person, repeats itself."


Beware! Divorce can shorten lifespan

Since divorce overall continues to be linked to poorer health, knowing that smoking and exercise may be part of the explanation could help inform interventions for those who've gone through a separation

Thank you SC: 10 year old’s note to judges for resolving parents' marital dispute case

The card reads: “God always has something for you: A KEY for every problem, A LIGHT for every shadow, A RELIEF for every sorrow and A PLAN for every tomorrow.”

Bombay HC grants divorce to man, says blaming husband for failure to conceive amounts to cruelty

"Her continuous complaints to the husband’s employer also jeopardised his prospects in his employment... She was blaming the husband for her not being able to conceive, which also amounts to cruelty meted out to the husband,” the bench said.

Family courts free to waive six-month cooling period in mutual divorce cases: SC

The bench noted that the object of the cooling-off period in the Act “was to safeguard against a hurried decision if there was otherwise possibility of differences being reconciled.