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Before Incredibles 2's release, let's look at the top 5 Pixar animated films

Pixar has continuously developed quality animated features that often have more depth in terms of characterisation and themes than live-action films. Their latest Incredibles 2 will hit Indian theatres on June 22. Here is a list of top 5 Pixar films.

Coco movie review: Another animated feature about finding yourself

Coco movie review: Like many animations before it, Coco is about finding yourself while never losing sight of your family. Disney finds a way to tell this story differently, in an un-American setting.


'Inside Out' pays tribute to Pixar's films

Disney Pixar's new film "Inside Out" will pay tribute to movies like "UP", "Cars" and "Toy Story".

Disney-Pixar to translate Finding Nemo into Navajo

Hollywood is paying a tribute of sorts to the largest American Indian-speaking population in the United States by translating the wildly popular children's film Finding Nemo into Navajo