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V P Singh Badnore interacts with GRIID staff: ‘Make Chandigarh India’s first disabled-friendly city’

Union Territory Administrator Badnore was interacting with the staff and representatives of the parents’ association at the Government Rehabilitation Institute for Intellectual Disabilities (GRIID), Chandigarh, on Thursday to strengthen and upgrade facilities for children with disabilities.

Bombay HC asks govt to make all its websites disabled-friendly

Advocate Kranti L C, appearing for the petitioners, explained to the court that when a blind person/lawyer is accessing the Bombay High Court website, he may not know that there is some new update popping on the website, unless it blinks or there is some sound.


Disabled people have right to get higher education: Supreme Court

The top court said right to dignity, which is ensured in the constitutional set up for every citizen, applies with much more vigour in cases of persons suffering from disability.

SC Anthem ruling: Home Ministry guidelines for the disabled betray government’s apathy

The issued guidelines raise the question of lopsided priorities where national symbols like the anthem have been pitted against a basic dignity that the authorities cannot afford to some of its lawful citizens.

The city fails them

In Delhi, urban transport has undergone a sea change in the last decade. But how accessible are the Delhi Metro, DTC buses and the railways to the differently abled?

Disabled,ethnic minorities more susceptible to terror fears

People who either suffer from some disability or belong to ethnic minorities are more susceptible to terrorism-related fears than others.