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Road map to train parents of children with disabilities needed, say experts

The workshop also focused on practical demonstration of tools used for training mothers and yoga as a medium for stress relief. Of the 27 million cases of people with disability, two per cent are reported among children below five years.

Peppa Pig's Mandy Mouse, in wheelchair, welcomed by parents

“Mandy just wheels in and joins the gang. It has to be that simple in everyday life. I don't think it's necessary to sugarcoat everything for children.”


The real champs: Unmindful of their disability, these people have embraced sports

Unmindful of their disability, these feisty young people have embraced sports and are bringing laurels not just to their city but also to the country.

Taking a different turn: Many food places in the Capital are now employing differently-abled people

On World Disability Day, it is heartening to see many restaurants and food giants opening up employment opportunities for the differently-abled and acknowledging their contribution to the businesses.

Watch: What a mother learned from her intellectually disabled son

In a Ted Talk, Emilie Weight talks about how a diagnosis of disability heralds an opportunity, not despair.

Delhi: Nine-year-old with learning disability raped, accused held

The girl, her family said, can only count to 10 and remember names of her family members. She studies in kindergarten. According to relatives, she used hand gestures to tell her parents about the rape.


‘Disability is not a barrier, it motivates me to do better’

"As a country, we are still not able to make it accessible due to attitude of the government. Another thing is that we live in a country where we don’t have enough to feed the poor."

Wheelchair is like a limb to people like us: Harman Sidhu

Sidhu, who had done a survey on the structures set up in Chandigarh to facilitate the disabled in wheelchairs, found that 70 pc of locations in the city which have ramps or structures to ease the people in wheelchairs, do not meet the specifications laid down.

‘If there are no proper facilities for me in a city like Chandigarh, imagine the condition in other states’

Whig is among 14,796 people with different disabilities (census 2011) in Chandigarh — the country’s first planned city post-Independence — but clearly not at all planned for this section of the population.

Chandigarh: Meet on rights for disabled people concludes

The conference was organised by GRIID, National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), Chennai, and Umeed Society, Chandigarh. Around 200 delegates from 15 states of the country took part in the conference.

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Differently-abled protest against PWD in Chennai

Chennai, Feb 08 (ANI): More than 300 differently-abled people protested outside the Public Work Department (PWD) office in Chennai on Monday, demanding better amenities and pension for people with 40% disability. They also demanded probe into the misuse 3% reservations, which was given to the differently-abled people. They have decided to carry on the protest till their pleas are heard.