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Indira and Rajiv Gandhi gave lives for country, Dinesh Trivedi reminds PM Modi

Trinamool MP Dinesh Trivedi termed the Budget “jumla” (rhetoric) and alleged the government had failed to resolve the problems of farmers or provide better health services, education and infrastructure.

Video: Former railways minister Dinesh Trivedi shows unhygienic drinks served on Shatabdi train to Delhi

Dinesh Trivedi said he opened the pack and saw dirt settled at its base. “Today is Dussehra. I just opened the Fresca lime water and see what I found inside. Have a look at it. This is what we are supposed to drink,” he said in the video.


Successive governments 'short-changed' Air India: Dinesh Trivedi

"If Air India today is in this financial situation it was not because of Air India but successive governments have short-changed Air India and treated it like their private properties and at times private airlines, be international or domestic came under category of favoured airlines," Trivedi said

TMC Meeting : Follow party line, Trinamool warns ‘senior MP’

At a meeting of its MPs, parliamentary party leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay said that a senior MP had been making anti-party comments and the party had taken strong exception to such statements.

How do some MPs get to ask more questions: TMC MP Dinesh Trivedi

Flags ‘inconsistencies’ in system of asking questions, wants ballot digitised.

House panel punches holes in Rlys story

Standing committee’s report to be tabled in Parliament today; questions decision on no new lines


Delhi Confidential: Ticked off

The Railway Board got a thorough dressing down from Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways Dinesh Trivedi.

An epic forgetting

In framing its land law, NDA ignores lessons from the Mahabharata.

It wasn’t a budget at all. it was prabhu ki maya, says ex-railways minister Dinesh Trivedi

The TMC member and ex-railways minister talks to Abantika Ghosh about the railway budget.

Praise for Narendra Modi, stick for Trinamool: Dinesh Trivedi cosies up to BJP

Trivedi asserted that he was still with Trinamool, but did not deny having been in touch with BJP.

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'Railways in crisis going from bad to worse': Dinesh Trivedi

New Delhi, Feb 25 (ANI): Former railways minister Dinesh Trivedi wished Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu all the best for the upcoming Railways Budget. He said he was little worried about the railways because railways is a basic system anywhere in the world, which adds to half percent to the GDP. If the railways doesn’t do well, you cannot contain even your food inflation.