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Letter of the Week Award

The Supreme Court has once again protected the rights of the people by quashing Section 66A of the IT Act,.

Dimapur snapshots

Why did a lynch mob feel compelled to take photographs as it killed?


Reimagining Dimapur

Lynching episode underlines the need to bring in a politics based not just on memories of shared ethnic pasts, but the vision of a common future.

The Big Picture: His Name was Khan

The public lynching in Dimapur of a Muslim from Assam accused of rape has opened up the divide between Nagas and migrants in Nagaland. SMITA NAIR walks the fault-lines

Dimapur incident was initially 'taken lightly', says Nagaland CM Zeliang

Dimapur incident had revealed security lapses and failure of the administration, said CM T R Zeliang.

In Nagaland lynch mob: airline staffer, ex-sepoy, auto driver and teachers

Of the 43 men arrested for parading and lynching Syed Sharif Khan, 25 young men have now been identified as the “core mob”


Dimapur lynching: It was 'consensual sex' not rape, says Nagaland govt report

The rape victim's medical examination also indicated that she was not raped.

MHA fears backlash against northeast people, puts three states on alert

The Home Ministry today asked Karnataka, Maharashtra and Haryana governments to be fully alert.

Police arrest four more in connection with Dimapur lynching

On March 5, a mob broke into Dimapur Central Jail, dragged Khan out of jail and lynched him.

Dimapur: How an ex-inmate led lynch mob to rape-accused in jail

The outnumbered jail staff tried to stop the mob at the main gate, but a few sneaked in through a small gap before the rest pushed their way in.

Dimapur lynching Photos

Mob in Nagaland break into jail, lynch rape accused; curfew ordered

Curfew has been imposed in Dimapur, Nagaland after an angry mob broke into a jail, dragged out a rape accused and lynched him.