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Online gaming: We think we have cautioned our kids enough, but have we?

Difficult Conversations: Quite a few of us, including yours truly till fairly recently, think that Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are the only danger zones on internet and we have done our bit if we have protected kids from these till they grow old enough to use them responsibly. The story sadly doesn't even begin there.

Listen: How to answer your child's questions on terrorism

If your child asks what terrorist attacks or mass shootings are all about, do you need to explain it to them? How do you do it?


Difficult Conversations: Are you passing on the right idea of beauty to your child?

Is it the skin tone? Is it straight, shiny hair? Or is it a mindful life? Read, research, and reassess to come to the conclusion. Your opinion. Not something which has been manufactured by social and media pressure. Talk to the child about what truly matters. Lead by example.

Difficult Conversations: Friendship breakups - little kids have big feelings

Take it as a good opportunity to learn together about relationships. Try to help the child analyse what went wrong. This is a very important skill to have for future relationships. We do not want to be at either extremes of "it was all my fault", or "it was all the friend's fault".

Listen: How to talk to kids about careers and let them explore choices freely

"Why do we feel that money is the essence of happiness? Yes, money is important. It's much tougher to go against that tide and let the child explore their passions, make some mistakes and then make their way."

Give your teen the freedom to fly, fail, get up and try again!

Difficult Conversations: "The boy was missing home, specifically his room and the huge bed that fits his six feet two inches frame. He whispered, 'I miss home'. I wanted to pack the home and take it to him in a blink. Instead, I let him speak, grumble and complain."


Difficult Conversations: Moms, keep calm and kick the negativity

We are the harshest critics of self. As mothers, we are constantly judging ourselves. "Am I a good mum?" - this question forever echoes in our ears. In the process of continuous criticism of self, we feed the little beast that is self-doubt.

It's okay if my son doesn't get into college: A note from a Dino Mom to Tiger Moms

Kids ought to feel the joy when they compete in those maths classes, dance competitions or cut-throat academics and not a sharp shove from the over-ambitious parent who has elaborate designs to ensure a blindingly bright future.

Difficult Conversations: Moms, go easy and have some fun ‘off duty’!

Even research says that women who go out with friends are healthier, happier. It doesn’t have to be a well-planned pub outing. A cup of coffee, a shopping trip, an all girls holiday — whatever works. Everything counts.

Difficult Conversations: No, it's not 'cool' to share a drink with your teen

In the last few years I have met a lot of people boasting that they shared a beer with their 16 or 18-year-old as a marker of the special birthday. Their logic is, "the kids will do it anyway." Also, since most of us enjoy an occasional glass or two, we assume that it is harmless if the child did too.