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Difficult Conversations: No, it's not 'cool' to share a drink with your teen

In the last few years I have met a lot of people boasting that they shared a beer with their 16 or 18-year-old as a marker of the special birthday. Their logic is, "the kids will do it anyway." Also, since most of us enjoy an occasional glass or two, we assume that it is harmless if the child did too.

Difficult Conversations: Teenagers and the art of letting go

There will always be things you cannot control. Let it go. Take some time out for yourself. We sometimes need to be someone else, other than a mom on the edge of the nerves, ready to breakdown.


Difficult Conversations: My son asked, 'What if I don't score well in exams? What will I tell others?'

Exam results 2019: We need to replace the question, 'What was the highest score in class?' with ' What is the change in your scores from last time? Better? Worse? What changed?' So the focus has to shift to the process rather than the result.

A note to online mommy groups: Don't overshare, motherhood is not a contest

Think about it. When was the last time you took your child’s picture with his medal for simply your memories? How many seconds did you wait before posting it online?

Difficult Conversations: Give kids the gift of boredom in the summer holidays

We need to unplan a little, let go some more, and set them free. We need to remember the proverbial ‘our times’ – we aimlessly cycled around the block or played random games, the rules of which changed every day. Our children need that.

Difficult Conversations: Are we turning into snowplow parents?

We need to let go. We need to accept the fact that we are not super-parents and can probably not fix everything that is broken. A few cracks add to the character.


Holi 2019: ‘We learnt to stay indoors, because boys never learnt about consent’

“When we let the children fling balloons on a man hurrying home or a woman walking down the street, we are telling them that it is acceptable to disrespect their personal space, and completely disregard their consent.”

Difficult Conversations: Ask yourself, are you truly inclusive?

With some parents worried over special needs children scoring better than their own in exams, because they were using scribes, it's time to question the true definition of success and inclusivity.

Difficult Conversations: Talking about terrorism with kids

So what do we do? How do we heal the little ones? Do we give in to fear? It is, after all, a very real threat. Thankfully, resilience carries us through, and according to leading psychologists, we can help children learn to be resilient.

Difficult Conversations: School gossip is not trivial, but a form of bullying

School gossip is not trivial. It is very much a form of bullying since it is a tool used to intimidate, hurt or isolate an individual. So how do we help our child in coping with gossip?