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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Diet diary


Keto diet may bring health benefits in short term: Study

January 27, 2020 2:49 pm

The study, published in the journal Nature Metabolism, suggests that the keto diet could, over limited time periods, improve human health by lowering diabetes risk and inflammation.

Diet diary: 15 diet mantras for the New Year

December 28, 2019 3:31 pm

Some tips on how to stick to a healthy diet and make it a way of life in the coming year.

Diet diary: Try these simple home remedies to fight the flu

July 21, 2018 6:17 am

There are some medicines to provide relief from symptoms, however, simple natural preparations in our own homes can help address minor complaints.

Cold brew coffee: An adrenaline rush, without the heartburn

May 12, 2018 2:52 pm

Caffeine increases the release of epinephrine (adrenaline), which stimulates the central nervous system, increases states of alertness and increases heartbeat.

Diet diary: Your favourite guacamole dip has quite a few health benefits

May 05, 2018 12:40 am

The average serving of an avocado provides a high-nutrient and photochemical (disease fighting) dense food consisting of fibre, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and phytosterols.

Diet diary: Functional foods and Japanese FOSHU — Foods For Specified Health Us

April 28, 2018 12:17 am

Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare initiated a regulatory system to approve certain foods with documented health benefits. Thus, was born FOSHU — Foods For Specified Health Use.

Diet Diary: Medicinal value of plants

March 31, 2018 2:32 pm

Even after the advent of modern medicine, plants remain the most important source of medical relief.

Diet diary: This summer, drink the right kind of beverages

March 24, 2018 1:22 pm

It is not advisable to drink copious amounts of water or cold drinks along with meals as it has been shown to suppress gastric secretion and impair digestion. A plain glass of room temperature water or some green tea or soup are fine with meals.

Diet diary: Seeds of the Thai Holy Basil and their therapeutic benefits

March 17, 2018 2:58 pm

Also known as sabjaa seeds, they are known to provide relief for indigestion, sore throat, constipation.

Diet diary: The pitfalls of lectin

February 24, 2018 12:47 pm

A protein found in plants, lectin may cause gastro-intestinal problems and food allergies.