There’s no question of dropping Dalit from DICCI: Milind Kamble

Milind Kamble, chairman of Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI), speaks to The Indian Express about caste conflict and opportunities for Dalits and tribals to become self-reliant

‘Dalit, tribal youths should make inroads in non-govt sectors’

DICCI has more than a 100 Dalit and tribal entrepreneurs. The generation-next Dalits and tribals should explore employment opportunities beyond government jobs to bring in real economic empowerment in their community, said Kamble.


Stand Up Maharashtra to give a leg-up to Dalit entrepreneurship

The decision comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s formal inauguration of the Stand Up India scheme on April 6.

Governor calls for inclusive growth

Governor K Sankaranarayanan said on Monday: “Scheduled castes,scheduled tribes,backward classes,minorities and people living in remote parts are among those who haven’t yet benefitted from the economic growth propelled by globalisation.

Tata asks India Inc to help dalit entrepreneurs grow

Everyone in the country should help the young entrepreneurs,Ratan Tata said.