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Hospital gowns, stainless steel contaminated with pathogens: Study

This pathogen commonly affects older adults in hospitals and in long-term care facilities. Symptoms can range from diarrhoea to fever, rapid heartbeat, inflammation of the intestines, and kidney failure.

New vaccine by Pune-based institute safe against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis: Study

To be launched in Nov; Centre orders 3.8 million doses for use in Universal Immunisation Programme


India continues to suffer from high child mortality rate due to diarrhoea

India accounts for more than a fifth of the world’s child death that occurs due to diarrhoea.

India tops child deaths due to pneumonia and diarrhoea: study

The report stated that India accounts for one out of five child deaths due to the two diseases.

Combating diarrhoea: Pune among 3 districts in India to hold pilot trials of rotavac

Apart from Pune, the Centre has also selected two other districts, Vellore in Tamil Nadu and Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, to roll out the new rotavac vaccine.

After showing how ORS can treat diarrhoea, he now embarks on surveillance of pneumonia

In Pune for a two-day visit, Dr Santosham said that 1.5 million deaths could be prevented if children are vaccinated. This means that 4,000 children are dying, of which 20 per cent are from India.


Watch your lectin intake

If not taken in right proportion, this protein may cause cramping, bloating, hyperacidity and diarrhoea.

How rotavirus causes infection in kids

The tummy bug rotavirus attacks cells through carbohydrate receptors present on a child's intestinal cells, a new study has found.

India records highest deaths among under-five children

The Union government has however not conducted any study in this regard, Health Minister J P Nadda said.

Now, 'electronic nose' to detect diarrhoea

Researchers have developed an "electronic nose" that can sniff the highly infectious bacteria that causes these diseases.