Dhadrianwale attack

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Punjab: In 34-acre dera, langar for 10,000 and a hospital in the making

The centrepiece of the complex is a large gurdwara, which can be seen from the main road and obscures other buildings from view, owing to the funnel shape of the complex.

Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale: It was because I was in a big car that I escaped unhurt... it helped

How do you want the attack dealt with? We have demanded a CBI inquiry. We were not satisfied with what the government has done so far. We have not blamed anyone; from our side, no names have been taken. Some persons have claimed responsibility and certain things are very clear, yet no action was taken […]


The importance of being Sant Dhadrianwale

Sikh preacher, who survived a bid on his life, has won fans for sermons, critics for speeches, lifestyle.