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Mumbai: DRA floats global tenders, calls for bids to develop Dharavi as single sector

Dharavi redevelopment project has been in the pipeline since 2004 but hasn’t seen the light of the day for the want of a developer. The project is set to be a joint venture between the state government and private developers.

Caste in a New Mould

Anand Teltumbde’s book takes the discourse on caste beyond the confines of identity politics, and into the territory of absolute equality.


Growth in the machine

If done right, artificial intelligence can jump-start India’s productivity, help the country get out of the emerging economy trap, propel it into the ranks of nations that matter.

Fifth column: Lies that help Modi

Modi has made mistakes in the past four years. He has failed to take India in a new economic direction. He wasted time on demonetisation and wasted money on huge, useless Congress welfare schemes like MNREGA. And, he failed to change our ‘socialist’ political culture.

Across the aisle: Governments hide, people seek

The mood of the nation is despondent. In the RBI’s survey (May 2018), 48 per cent of respondents felt that the economic situation had worsened in the last one year. In some sectors, like agriculture, despondency has turned into anger. Among some sections of the people, like Dalits and unemployed youth, despondency has turned into despair.

India’s missing half

The social consequences of a larger assimilation of women into our workspace could be staggering. It has the potential to rid our country of the many shameful aspects of our tattered social fabric. We need women, not just in our boardrooms but on our shop floors, in our factories and on our workstations.


Thirty-Two national waterways considered technically feasible for development

Replying another question, Union Transport and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari said expansion and modernisation of major ports in the country is an ongoing process to keep the ports abreast with new technologies and also to meet trade requirements.

Spending on development and social sector higher and higher, an income gap to close

Bihar’s propensity to spend funds on development projects had been called into question by PM Modi ahead of the assembly elections, when he announced a package for the state on August 18.

The good word

Use of ‘development’ as a catch-all represents a shrinking of the imagination.

The numbers story: Telangana fares better than Seemandhra in development

Was the Telangana region treated as a stepchild? We have analyzed data from 42 constituencies in AP.

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PM Modi addresses rally, talks about development in Guwahati

Guwahati, Jan 19 (ANI): Addressing a rally in Guwahati on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said world's best rating agency are claiming India to be one of the top economies. He added that the foreign investment pouring from overseas would be used to develop Assam. He emphasised that his government wanted development in each nook and corner of the country. He stated that if north east was developed the way other parts of the nation were developed, youth in Assam wouldn't have been forced to leave their families. He added that the Government of India's Act East policy is for the development of this entire region and the second green revolution would initiate in Assam. He also stated that by 2022, he would uplift the state of farmers in the country.

BJP confident of continuing development in J-K

New Delhi, Jan 13 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Zafar Islam on Wednesday maintained that the Centre was committed to the state and will continue working for the development of Kashmir. Islam said that the BJP and PDP have demonstrated that the two can provide good governance to Jammu and Kashmir. He added that they have worked for the development of the state and will continue to do so.