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Why, even after help in debt payoff, small vendors keep returning to moneylenders

The study was conducted in India and the Philippines. Most vendors fell back into debt within 4-6 weeks and 2 years after they had been rescued by a grant.

‘Globalisation stimulates new thinking’

Globalisation is the process in which different countries trade their goods with each other to improve their economy.


World faces a retirement crisis

Falling birth rates,longer life expectancy,global recession mean pensions are costing countries more even as elderly retire with less money

IMF says dynamics of global growth shifting

The IMF forecast global growth will accelerate in 2014 compared to this year.

Fridges,fudge and forecasts: investors pick out emerging stock themes

How do you work out what kind of foods people in developing countries will be eating in a few years’ time?

Shifting Sands

It’s classified as a ‘minor’ mineral in many countries,including India,but sand is the world’s second most important natural resource after water. For developing countries seeing a construction boom,sand is the new gold. India is witnessing a row over sand mining with the suspension of an IAS officer and with National Green Tribunal curbing river-bed sand mining


Push DBT to other nations: ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) should consider pushing forward India’s system of Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) to other developing countries

Unresolved bottlenecks slowed growth in developing countries: World Bank

Unresolved bottlenecks slowed growth in middle income countries like India,Brazil and Russia.

BRICS bank,$100 billion contingency fund get nod

* China largest contributor to fund at $41 bn; India,Russia,Brazil to give $18 bn each

'Slowdown hurting developing countries'

Among other ills of globalisation working class is bearing the brunt of this recession.