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These easy detox drinks are perfect as evening pick-me-ups

For a healthy mind and body, one must take special care of the diet to ensure detoxification at regular intervals.

These home-made detox drinks will help deep cleanse your liver

A healthy liver contributes to the overall health of a person, which is why it is important to ensure its smooth functioning. Try these easy DIY detox drinks and take care of your liver.


Lose weight with these super effective and easy DIY summer detox drinks

From lemon-mint-cucumber to fenugreek-lemon drinks, here are some concoctions that are easy to prepare and are good for detoxification.

Easy and effective DIY detox drinks: Tonics, teas and infused water for a master cleanse

While there are a lot of store-bought options available, it is always best to detox with natural, organic products at hand. For people who want to detox, we have curated a list of DIY detox recipes that you can bank on for a good cleanse. 

From weight loss to healthy skin: Liquid chlorophyll is the latest health buzz

Liquid chlorophyll is now the trendiest supplement available in the market and from what it looks like, it is here to stay. Read on to find out what it is and what the benefits of drinking chlorophyll water are.

Reboot your system instantly with these detox foods this festive season

It is important to cleanse your system and if you want tips to de-bloat and detox, here are a few foods that will do the work for you.


Get your kids on this post-Diwali Ayurveda detox routine

Using Kshirbala oil, made from a herbal formulation prescribed by Ayurevda, to massage your limbs everyday can reduce Vata imbalance and is great for strengthening bones and muscles.

Looking for a mental detox? Join your child in having fun

We are living in a world of work overdose. If you see people returning from office, you would often see sadness written all over their faces.

Get your glow back after the holidays with these expert skincare tips

In addition to your daily dose of moisturising, cleansing and toning, it's time you take extra care and detoxify your skin after the holiday season to get rid of wastes and impurities. Dr Lovneet Batra and Dr Sakshi Chopra share expert tips with us on how to get the glow back.

BSF to engage counsellors for alcoholic personnel

BSF had plans to engage its own counsellors,who,with better training,would prepare material for training the personnel on de-addiction.

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World Water Day: How to detoxify your body by drinking water

A simple way to cleanse your body is by drinking lots and lots of water.