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Friday, April 03, 2020



Add to your colourful festivities with these easy Holi recipes

March 09, 2020 9:21 am

Celebrate the festival of colours with delightful fare. Check out these recipes.

In the bylanes of Jama Masjid, the curious case of safed gajar ka halwa and more

January 20, 2020 5:07 pm

What if we told you you could get white gajar ka halwa right in the heart of Delhi? Yes, you read that right! White carrot halwa is a winter dessert and a favourite with many in the bylanes of Jama Masjid. To relish it, a walk through Jama Masjid's Chitli Qabar area to Sheeren Bhawan is enough.

Have a wedding to attend? These easy tips will help avoid overeating

November 29, 2019 3:50 pm

Don't let the wedding season take a toll on your health. Follow these effective tips to make it fun and healthy.

Craving something sweet? Here are some must-have desserts from around the world

October 19, 2019 10:39 am

You are in dessert heaven now!

From Mango Pudding to Rajbhog: Satisfy your sweet tooth with these easy recipes

May 11, 2019 3:04 pm

Nothing beats the joy of indulging in something sweet after enjoying a hearty meal with your family and friends.  

Cheesecake recipes: Mango, Lemon, Java Plum; which flavour would you like to try this summer?

May 02, 2019 5:04 pm

These cheesecake recipes are easy enough for novice bakers to master. Make the perfect one this summer.

From brownies to rum cake recipes: Try these decadent desserts this winter

December 12, 2018 4:04 pm

From decadent chocolate brownies to rum cake, we bring to you some of these gorgeous winter dessert recipes that are the perfect indulgence on a toasty winter day.

Goan girl wins Pastry Queen India 2017 and showcases sunsign scorpio desserts

September 14, 2017 4:58 pm

The winner Eureka Araujo made a pastry ring finger and dessert in a glass in the competition which had 5 female chefs as the judges. Her subject was sunsign scorpio which she chose as many of her family and friends are scorpio, though she herself is a Virgo.

Bake a jamun clafoutis this weekend

June 04, 2016 6:37 pm

Celebrate the season of jamuns with this uniquely boozy version of the French dessert.

Sweet musings: These easy-to-make desserts will make your heart skip a beat

April 06, 2016 7:29 pm

End your meal with these perfect pralines or simply gobble them down with some tea. The choice is yours.


From chocolate samosa to bread ka halwa: 7 Indian dessert recipes you should try right now

June 10, 2016 7:51 pm

Indians have a penchant for desserts. We all love to end our meals with something sweet, don't we? Here are 7 mouthwatering Indian dessert recipes you should try right now..