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Eating walnuts may lower depression risk: Study

Consuming walnuts may lower the prevalence and frequency of depression, and improve concentration levels, according to a study carried out in American adults.

Absence of gut bacteria might influence depression: Study

Researchers from VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology in Belgium conducted a study in which they analysed health data of a large group of people in an attempt to find out which gut bacteria may play a role in causing depression.


Here's how you can go for a digital detox

In case you are wondering how to detach from the digitally connected world, here are some ways in which you can go for a digital detox. 

Early risers less likely to suffer from depression; study

In order to arrive at the result, genetics data of several individuals were examined and participants were asked whether they are a morning or an evening person. After their genomes were analysed, it was revealed that certain genes impact their sleep patterns.

A programme where mothers help each other recover from perinatal depression in India and Pak: Lancet

Perinatal depression, defined as depression that occurs during pregnancy or within the first year post-partum, affects 5-25 per cent of women. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

When brushes and colours heal: Art therapy helps paint a new canvas for many

For people who struggle to express themselves in words, art therapy is a powerful means of communication and can help in healing any mental health issue.


Your body may not cope with evening stress: Study

The body's central system reacts less strongly to acute psychological stress in the evening than it does in the morning, suggesting possible vulnerability to stressful events in the evening, says study.

Depression linked to increased risk of irregular heartbeat: Study

The study has found that patients taking anti-depressants, used as an indicator of depression, had a 3.18-fold higher risk of atrial fibrillation which causes 20 to 30 percent of all strokes.

Video chats can fight depression in older adults

Older adults who used video chat technology such as Skype had significantly lower risk of depression. While those who used email, instant messaging or social media had virtually the same rate of depressive symptoms compared with older adults who did not use any communication technologies.

How to deal with panic attacks and anxiety in a better way

While there is little you can do to control a panic attack when it hits you, there are some steps you can take to deal with it in a better way.

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Stress Awareness Month: How this Egyptian artist fights DEPRESSION with these evocative paintings

Excessive stress may lead to depression. During Stress Awareness Month (April), speaks to Egypt-based artist Sief Hamza, who fought chronic depression using art. Evocative and unsettling, his paintings have created quite a buzz on social media.

Celebrities who battled depression and spoke about it

Depression, though a glaring reality, is often treated as an ugly word and is not included in conversations and discussions. However several celebrities who have gone through this have later spoken up on the issue, and have done a great job at that.